psdstackloader stack problem with MUI5

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  • After installing MUI5 there has been a problem with the module version of psdstackloader. I use blizkick to kick rommodules (including some from poseidon to have working usb mouse on early boot menu and hopefully be able to boot from usb though I have not tried yet) on my CyberStormPPC. Every time OS3.9 boots, I get an error about stack of popo not being enough.

  • I've asked Chris Hodges if he has an idea. You probably don't want to hear the most pragmatic answer "revert to the MUI version that it worked with" :-)

    Chris normally takes a few days to answer, so please give him that time.

  • Chris answered - in German, so the translation may not be 100% accurate. However, the harsh tone of his wording is indeed in the German version as well:

    Please report back if this helps.