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  • Yeah, I noticed that after 7 hours running the PSU was way cooler than my previous one in just one hour. Here is a picture of my Indivision. Does it has enough quality to see if the patch is applied?

  • It's partly applied: The 10R resistor is in place of the ferrite, but there is no added cap on the PLL side of the supply line. Look slike this one was modded at the reseller's site - the resistor does help a lot already, but if ripple is too high or regulation too poor, you need to add another 10µF ceramic cap. Since you already reported that the CA-PSU solves your problem, I vote for "never change a running system". There is no defect, so there's no repair due.

  • Indeed, surgery is something to always avoid unless absolutely necessary :) I couldn't be happier with my Amiga 600.

    Thanks for the support Jens.

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