Monitor Woes TC64 V2

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  • I've been having a lot of trouble with getting good results from VGA monitors on my TC64. I've tried several LCDs and a CRT and I'm still getting sync/mode problems. Is there any way to make fine adjustments of the modes?

  • No, the Chameleon does not allow setting these parameters; we only have the presets that the menu offers. Please choose one of them as a basis and switch off V-Sync option for starters, as that will cause trouble with many monitors (only high-end gaming monitors support V-Sync).

  • By sync problems I meant the iamge on the monitors being too far left or right (I think this is "phase") and by V-Sync I meant Vertical sync. I think you're confusing my use of "V-Sync" with G-Sync or FreeSync. I've got best results with a Phillips 150S4 and a Samsung SyncMaster 940MW.

  • By sync problems I meant the iamge on the monitors being too far left or right (I think this is "phase")

    I'd call this "positioning", as "phase" is mostly used for the exact point in time where a single pixel is sampled. However, you should be able to move the picture left/right using the monitor's functions. The Chameleon outputs standard screen modes with Vesa timings, so any monitor should be able to show the whole picture. Granted, some wide-screen types will add black bars, but that's just the nature of displaying a 4:3 picture on 16:9 monitors.

    and by V-Sync I meant Vertical sync.

    Interesting that you're explaining what you meant by "V-Sync" where you didn't even use this term in your original posting :-)

    I think you're confusing my use of "V-Sync" with G-Sync or FreeSync

    Actually, I'm not. When popular computer press started covering the topic of syncing the screen with the graphics card, they were using "V-Sync" as the name for the monitor's frame buffer to be filled in sync with the display data coming in. I was really confused, as the signal name for one of the signals on the hardware interface is also called "V-Sync". However, I found that popular press and gaming web sites are using "V-Sync" as a general term for what graphics card manufacturers call "Freesync" or "G-Sync" in order to have their proprietary name, because some marketing guy decided to do so.

    So apart from marketing terminology, we're talking about the same thing: FreeSync, G-Sync and V-Sync mean all the same, and it's generally a good thing for our task, which is "tearing- and jitter-free output".


    I was just told that G-Sync and FreeSync are completely different things, only in a similar family of technologies to get rid of tearing and jittering. So I better stick to what I do best, and that's hardware, not marketing terms :-)