Will "Indivision ECS V2" remove ghosting when things are moving?

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  • I'm using a "Sony Bravia KDL-26S3000 26" 720p HD LCD TV" and when things scroll or is moving, there's this trail of blur following the stuff. I know getting a proper CRT TV (15kHz for LCD and all that) would make that go away (so I've heard), but I'm using SCART from the Amiga atm.

  • Scrolling causing a blur is not "ghosting", but probably something where the TV attempts to do motion blurring. Please check the manual of the TV to see if there is a "gaming" mode or "computer mode". This really sounds like the TV is treating the signal as a movie signal.

  • Yes, i also have a Bravia - it has a LOT of postprocessing options. You need to disable *all* of those (and then it's actually a really decent display for gaming).

  • Yeah, read about that recommendation once, so have removed all I could find already, and it has no gaming mode, as it's just an LCD TV, don't think those were meant for gaming anyway.

  • Apparently called "motion blur" https://blurbusters.com/faq/motion-blur-reduction/, and some monitors have motion blur reduction, but not TVs apparently. I read on English Amiga Board somewhere that this is impossible get rid of with an LCD TV using an Amiga. But there's is like 2-3 LCD TVs that are old and support 15kHz (super rare, hard to get and mega expensive if found) which makes it better, or something.

    So, from what I've read, pretty much all LCD TVs have motion blur. So just wondered if using this Indivision ECS v2 and thus also use VGA instead would change the signal enough so Hz and all that stuff makes things look smoother.

  • It's worth a try, sure. If you don't like it, you're covered by European customer protection laws, i.e. you send it back within 14 days and you only pay for return shipping. You'll get a refund on the unit and initial shipping if you revoke the order.