What type of clock crystal is fitted to the aca 1233n?

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  • It’s off my old blizzard mk3

    ...meaning that it was soldered in, and is now in an unknown state. It would have to go through a single-unit test, the same test that we do when we prepare for a new production run. However, we do that for a high quantity of CPUs, so building the setup with IR camera, variable-voltage and variable-clock is paid by a number of CPUs that we'll test. We can't possibly have you pay for this setup for a single processor.

    Please understand that we can't offer the service.

  • No I know that’s ok.

    it’s not soldered in it socketed. I have some brand new ones also that I bought from RS components, when I thought the blizzard might just have a dead clock.

  • Oh, sorry - didn't read the other page and only had in the back of my head that you were asking for higher CPU speed.

    Yes, the Blizzard 8-pin oscillator should work, that's a 5V type.

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