Minimig AGA for Turbo Chameleon 64 - at last!

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  • Hi,

    I have uploaded the newest Minimig AGA Core to my TCv2. System boots but Mouse is not working. Previously, it was working fine. I can move the mouse with numeric keyboard when Caps Lock is on, but mouse on PS/2 port is not working

    Any ideas what's going on? Anyone Sith same problem?

    I have updated 832OSDAC.bin file (previously I had 832OSDAA.bin).

    Is there a way to test PS/2 port of the Chamaleon with some other Core/App?

    Thanks and regards


  • Just to be clear, are you saying that the mouse worked with a previous version of the AGA core? Or that it worked with the ECS core but doesn't work with the AGA core?

    I'll be pushing out a new version soon with some bug fixes and a couple of extra features. (And 832OSDAD.bin! I change the filename when I make an incompatible change, so the core won't boot if you have the wrong version. The firmware file isn't involved in talking to the mouse, though.)

  • Hi Alastair,

    It was working with previous AGA core.... but Last time I used it was in June. That's why I want to check if PS2 connector is fine.... Mouse works fine in other devices, and I tested other mouse as well with same results.


  • Perhaps even the hardware test core :=) It shows a little square that can be moved with the ps/2 mouse and some squares that light up when pressing mouse buttons (warning: it also beeps... turn down the volume =P)