Indivision AGA for CD32

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  • Hi guys,

    do you have any plans to rerelease the Indi AGA for the CD32? The website states Q4 this year, but is this still realistic?

    Kind regards

  • Thanks for the hint - that's not realistic any more. Both the A1200 and the A4000D versions need a re-design, and current projects have taken up more time than anticipated.

  • I have been very happy with my A1200 version and have no problems with it. I am curious, what needs to be fixed? Also, like the original poster, I am eager to buy a version for my CD32 and hope you will make some soon! Do you think they will be available in 2019?

  • The need for a re-design is not because of problems or features, but due to the main FPGA not being made any more. Component life cycles are fairly short these days, and buying the "old" Cyclone 2 part is way more expensive than making a new design with a Cyclone 10 part. I'll take the chance for adding a few features anyway :-)

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