MMUlib - install or not for OS3.1.4 with ACA1233n?

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  • Machine - A1200

    Card - ACA1233n-40

    Internal ROM - 3.0

    Workbench -

    ACATool - 2.1


    Having just completed a 3.1.4 install I noted the warning from Hyperion re CPU libraries:

    And having just encountered an error trying to get a WHDload game running, I wanted to rule out everything including turning off features using ACAtool, and / or installing anything I might have missed re drivers/libraries etc.

    Checking your forums to see if MMUlibs had been mentioned, and if I should install or not. I found the following threads which leads me to ask is there a recommendation re adding the MMUlib from - ?

    2018 post discussing 3.1.4 & MMU libraries:

    ACA 1232 and AmigaOS 3.1.4 - where do I find the 68030.library?

    29th March 2020 - user mentioned using MMUlib to resolve issue bad was on old tools:

    Unable to map internal kickstart on ACA1233n-40

    2nd April 2020 - Post saying don’t use MMU library:

    Acatool MAPROM breaks when setpatch is called

    Appreciate your thoughts on this one?



  • Thor's MMUlib is great, but has the disadvantage that ACAinit (which is not our tool) blocks access to the registers that our ACAtool requires.

    Whatever the WHDload error was, I see very little chance to resolve that with the MMUlib.

  • I have run the latest ACAtool but I also get the Hyperion warning on startup and my ACA1233n shows the MMU as 'not working' in Sysinfo.

    Shouldn't I install the additional libraries?

  • Sure, if you want to run software that depends on MMUlib.

    I see no compelling reason for using MMUlib with a 68030 card just for the sake of it.

    Both should be fine. Both the latest ACATool and ACAInit (from MMULib) should take care of it.