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    Hi Jens,

    Just wanted to let you know that Buddha now works :)

    It was U605 (74LS245N) that had failed. Changed it out and now zorro cards work.

    Thank you for your help Jens :)

    Its a great card and easy to use.

    Hi Jens,

    Just wanted to let you know that I have checked all traces and lines, and found that everything performs as it should, except for one bus line from U605 (74ls245n) chip.

    One of the pins is not working as it should, compared to all the other address and bus pins on that chip and the other 74ls245's.

    I'll order a new chip, and some spares, and once replaced, I hope that it fixes the issue.

    I'll let you know either way.



    Yes, the battery did leak. I have checked over the traces in that area, but they all appear to be ok.

    I'll have to go over them again just to make sure.

    Which are the traces for Autoconfig? Do they come from the CPU? Just so I know what areas to focus on.

    Thanks for your help with this by the way :)

    Ok, I have had a look at the schematics, and have found the _CFGIN1-5 and _CFGOUT1-4 and also the _COPCFG signal from the co-processor. I believe they are the autoconfig tracks. Let me know if i'm wrong or if there are more to check on.

    I'll let you know what I come up with.


    Hi, i just purchased a Buddha IDE 20th Anniversary, and received it the other day.

    Today i decided to plug it into my A2000 (correct orientation, chips towards drives), but now my A2000 won't boot. All i get is a light grey screen.

    If i remove the Buddha, the A2000 boots without issues.

    I have tried plugging it into all the zorro II slots, but still the same light grey screen.

    I have also tried removing the DOM (also removed the jumper), and still the same thing. It just sits there at the light grey screen and does not boot.

    Is there something i can do/try to see if i can get it working?

    One thing is, i currently don't have any IDE hard drives or dvd to plug into it, to test, but i thought that i would at least get some sort of boot screen or something from the Buddha.

    If someone can confirm that you do need an IDE device plugged into the Buddha to begin with that would be great :)

    Any and all help will be appreciated as i am at a loss here. If any more info is required, let me know.