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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    There is something wrong with the memory.

    With diagrom I get a green/red screen which indicates a chip memory error.

    This also explains why autoconfig cannot address memory.

    So for now there is nothing wrong with the Buddha card.

    I'm going to spend my time building my new Floppie209 Amiga 2000 remake.

    Since a few days my Buddha 20-year anniversary edition no longer works.

    It is visible during early boot.

    I can't boot from the Buddha.

    The Buddha is not visible as Buddhascsi.devices

    MountIDE doesn't work either.

    When I plug in the DOM (and using the jumper) the card shows up as Buddhascsi.device and boots from the DOM.

    When I boot from my GVPscsi the DOM is also visible as well as the Buddhascsi.devcie.

    I've already tried to flash the card but that doesn't help either.

    My configuration:

    A2000 1MB chip

    A2630 with 4MB

    GVPscsi without memory

    ZZ9000 4MB configuration

    Buddha 20-year anniversary edition

    OS 3.2 (with 3.1 the same problem)

    This setup has always worked without the GVPscsi.

    I always had a HDD and DVD-ROM connected to it.

    I installed the GVPscsi because I couldn't use a HDD anymore.

    What could be wrong?

    It's very similar to the problem in this topic: New Buddha 20th on A2000 - autoconfig shows board but no DOM boot

    Another nice one! Are these flat-head screws digging their own thread into the plastic, or are you using nuts to tighten them?

    Also, do you happen to know if there is electrically-conductive filament, so your creation has shielding properties?

    The screws are digging there own thread.

    Will only work for 2 or 3 times.

    And yes, there is electrically-conductive filament. Is it better to use this ?

    Please send me an eMail (just answer the confirmation eMail from the shop system) to sort things out, and please hurry. The first units will be shipped today.

    yes, finally, 3 days before the official date, great job :thumbup:

    Now I hope my order will also be shipped today 8)

    I bought the P96 software on January 31, 2020.

    I heard that the 10 downloads are valid for 1 year.

    Do I have to buy the software again after 1 year?

    Not correct - it plugs over the keyboard chip (where a keyboard adapter belongs!).

    I now see where I am wrong.

    The SUM uses U7, like the MK3, and the Lyra uses U13.

    Then it is clear to me now, I will use my old Lyra 2 again:)

    And i'm also going to preorder the MK3 :thumbup:

    The two mentioned features would not be available. I therefore suggest to use Lyra and Micromys as mouse and keyboard adapters.

    This is a strange suggestion.

    The Lyra keyboard adapter also uses the CIA (U7).

    So for the A1200 in a tower, there is no alternative to a keyboard.

    I am happy to hear that a new version of Indivision AGA MK3 for A1200 is coming out.

    But I have some questions about the new MK3.

    I have my A1200 in a tower together with a SUM USB keyboard module. This module also sits on the CIA-chip.

    1. Does the MK3 also work without the module for the CIA chip?
    2. If it works, are there limitations in the operation if I do not use this module?
    3. Will there be an option to order the MK3 even without this module?


    Alexander Bruinenberg

    What I did not tell you is that the Buddha works in my A2000, sorry for withholding the information.

    It is the 20-year anniversary edition and has the latest (52-101) firmware.

    I think I'm just unlucky.

    Could it be that the Buddha doesn't work on a Micronik Z-2i mkII?

    It does not appear in the early boot menu and it is not visible between devices.

    My GPV A2000-HC+8, A4000-HC + 8, Oktagon 2008 and AT-Bus 2008 all work. All I have to do is not use my internal ide.

    Is there a solution for this or am I just unlucky?

    It doesnt have to - if the converter actually does what you say :) However, most of those "usb to ps/2" dongles you can find packed with keyboards and mice are just passive adapters - the device connected to them must already "speak" ps/2 (which many do - but not all).

    you're right, it's a passive adapter.

    My keyboard does not work with this adapter and I only have one.

    I have to look for a PS/2 keyboard. ?(

    Thanks for the info.