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    Anyone with skills could help me with the following issue:

    Amiga 4000 warp engine 040/40 with zz9000 and x-surf100 and rapidroad installed..

    When using the graphics card ZZ9000 from MNT together with the X-surf 100, the zz9000NET.device (the part of zz9000 LAN) does not work. But x-surf 100 works fine, receive packets normally and can connect with the internet.

    Resuming: They do not co-exist in same machine. When I unplug the x-100 hardware, the zz9000net.device works fine. Internet OK.

    I wrote my first impressions at English Amiga Board:

    Thank you in advance



    I found out the problem.

    There are no compatibility issues with the X-surf-100, rapid road and the Mediator MKIII Board.

    The problem is with the Radeon 9250 128mb ram graphics card.

    I changed to Voodoo 3 3000 16MB and the problems went gone..... Vanish....

    With the Voodoo3 3000 installed, The Amiga 4000D with the Mediator MKIII and the x-surf-100 are working fine with no issues.

    Could not find what is wrong with the Radeon drivers from Elbox. At first boot, black screen, no video. After second Boot everything is OK.

    I think it will be a long journey, to solve this enigma.

    But thanks anyway...

    P.s.Just upgraded the Amiga OS 3.9 to Amiga OS Now, ROM and OS are equal.



    Need some help on this issue....X-surf-100 and Rapid Road installed on Mediator PCI 4000DI 3V MKIII busboard.


    Amiga 4000 warp engine 040/40MHZ with 96MB ram installed on warp + 95MB Ram allocated from Radeon 1250 128MB Graphics card by Mediator. 185MB Ram total.

    X-surf-100 card with Rapid Road module.

    Radeon graphics card 1250 128MB ram DVI output.

    Soundblaster 128 sound card

    Play TV mpeg2 card

    The problem:

    When booting the Amiga without the X-surf-100 installed, everything is fine.No issues.

    When booting the Amiga with the x-surf 100 installed, at first boot, the radeon 1250 is not seeing by the Amiga, and no display occured. Black screen. Then I reset the Amiga, and at the second boot, everyhing is fine again.

    So resuming, I must reset the Amiga twice, to boot correctly , displaying the Radeon´s resolution (24Bits 800x600).

    IF I am using the amiga native resolution, for example, Multiscan produtivity resolution or NTSC High interlaced resolution, everything is fine. No problems.

    Any Thoughts?




    Can I install an Indivision AGA MK2 amiga 1200/4000T in an Amiga 4000 Desktop? Is there a way to do it ?

    I am asking this, because I found an used one for a good price here in Brazil. And i do not have an Amiga 1200. Instead, if fitted, could be very nice in my Amiga 4000.

    If I failed in English language, I am sorry. This is not my native language. Neither English nor German. My native language is Brazilian Portuguese.

    Thank you

    Hello John,

    Yes it works fine with the ACA 500 plus, including all the ram banks filled, 4mb total. You must add the last 2mb with the software Adram. Just put it in the wstartup drawer . Here I added the ACA 1233n together with the ACA plus and ICD ADRAM 540. It recognized all the ram available.

    Just for clearence:

    I am from Brazil, user and fan of Amiga Commodore for around 20 years.

    At the moment I own :

    ACA 500 plus, and ordered one more from individual computers.

    ACA 1233n, which I am using with the ACA 500 Plus with RTC module

    X-surf-100 Zorro III inside the Amiga 4000

    Rapid Road for X-surf 100 Amiga 4000

    Memory expansion A604N for Amiga 600

    Indivision ECS V2 For A604n installed in Amiga 600

    Perhaps will buy the new ACA 1221lc...

    And the P96 RTG software to use with the upcoming zz9000 from MNT.

    Hello There,

    Is there a chance for we customers of individual computers, to have in near future , perhaps, an ACA 4000 68060 60MHZ with embebded SCSI controller and 128MB RAM ? It would be very nice to replace the old cyberstorm 060 and warp engine 040. I own an Amiga 4000 with warp engine 040 128MB ram with SCSI II hard drive running at 10mb/s and seek speed around 1ms, but unfortunately 040/40mhz isn´t fast enough. Thank you...