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    I asked like because I can't find this service in the shop. I also own an Buddha-Flash and an Indivision ECS that receibed firmware updates for free.

    Searching in the shop, I only find upgrades for ACA1221 accelerator. Please, can I know what's the price for the upgrade that adds IDE speeder function?


    I bougth an ACA1233N some months ago, my card doesn't have de IDE speeder function.

    There are any possibility of upgrade the card without costs in order to add de IDE speeder function?


    I tried MapROM with the fisical 3.1 ROM-and it works, ACATool says it's ON.

    It's very extrange because I'm using the same Amiga 1200 3.1.4 ROM file in WinUAE without problems.

    Another problem with my card is VBR in Fastmem option don't work, I check the option but ACATool says it's OFF.

    I deleted ACA1233n.library, his tools and commented the line in Startup-Sequence that call to ACAMapROM.

    After that I booted with no startup-sequence and started ACAtool (installed on SYS:/c).

    Then configured the MAPRom option selecting the ROM "SYS:DEVS/Kickstarts/kick.a1200.46.143" and verify that my Startup-Sequence has changed.

    When I reboot the computer, HHD blinks during 1 second and after that nothing happens.

    I must power off the computer in order to boot with no startup-sequence.

    My computer is Amiga 1200 from ESCOM with 3.1 ROMs.

    I installed AmigaOS 3.1.4, MMU libraries and latest version of ACA1233nLib in system.

    After that, I add a call to ACAMapRom in the first line of mi Startup-sequence (kick.a1200.46.143 is the name of the ROM provided by Hyperion):

    SYS:C/ACAMapROM Q SYS:DEVS/Kickstarts/kick.a1200.46.143

    When my computer starts, I see lines in my screen for a second, ¿ACAMapROM activity?.

    After than nothing happens and y must power off my computer and boot with the 2 mouse buttons pressed to edit de startup-sequence and comment the call to ACAMapROM.