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    hi everyone

    any positive feedback with MK3, everything i read pas few days is problems, errors and Jens and his team doing magnificient job on updates, but what works, how it works, im awaiting my mk3 and im starting to loosing hope that all will works fine.

    Well, I can say in my case it works fine till now. Had some "screen blackouts" first. This happened to more users from the first batch. As so often the real testing can only be done out in the field on all the different combinations. But Jens and his team gave quick support , and after a few days the new firmware was out. After a simple little firmware flash with the latest config. tool mine is working fine now!

    Great picture quality (I am using VGA)

    Great resolutions! A great enhancement! So I am a satisfied MK3 customer so far ! ;)

    Recapped A1200 Rev. 2B (HP-Lisa) orig A1200 PSU 3 A, Aca1233n-40 with RTC, CF-card adapter (32gb). Motherboard timi g fix.

    I have the same problems as Cego... It was fine at first starting (cold start) today and a couple of minutes later these symptoms appeared.

    Could it be the hot weather at the moment ? Or power problem (original small heavy brick psu)

    Aca1233n-40 installed.