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    Never did, I essentially had the same setup as what was shown in that blog. I gave up on it honestly, I put the vampire and motherboard back in the original A500 case. For my Checkmate case, I'm switching it with my A600 with Vampire setup, but waiting on the back panel I ordered in the second Checkmate production run. My X-Surf-100 and Rapidroad are sitting on a shelf at the moment, I may get my A2000 working again, but have no accelerator for it as It's now in my A500.

    I'm attempting to run the X-Surf-100 with the RapidRoad USB controller with the new Checkmate A1500 case with the Amiga 500 Zorro II adapter board that was produced in the Kickstarter campaign. Processor wise I'm using a Vampire V500 V2+. This Combo worked fine in my A2000, but I wanted to ditch it as the A2000 is massive and I really like the A1500 case. I've tried it with the force Z2 compatibility jumper, my issue mainly is I can't seem to get roadshow or miami to start the network device. The rapidroad controller seems to work for the most part, It works with Mice and keyboards, but mass storage devices don't seem to work anymore.

    I can drop the hardware back in the A2000 and it works perfect, I'm using the same OS image. Could this be an issue with the lack of the Buster Chip in the A500? I have another A500 I can try this weekend, but just want to rule out some inherent issue with running it on an A500. I know this is a fairly unique setup, but as more people are going to be getting the Checkmate A1500 case with the A500 Zorro adapter it may be an increasing issue people may be bringing up.