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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Just waiting for the parcel to come in - since the V1 breakout cable only uses the outer shield as GND, it's very likely that a careful bend to the outer shell (bringing it to "slightly oval instead of perfectly circular") will already cure the problem - at least from the descriptions I've read in this thread.

    Eureka... I feel like an idiot... I "pressed" slightly the cable connector, making it a bit "oval" as suggested and... No more powercycle from now on. So, all in all, I've sent the first unit for nothing :-D

    Exactly. I have 2 TC64 v1 and obviously 2 breakout cables. One unit and related cable is already on the way to iComp. I tried the same way with the TC64 remained in my hands and quite surprisingly it does the same. I’ve checked soldering points and everything looks ok, at least “visually”. I’ve just noticed a sort of “film” over the soldering points but it doesn’t appear as oxyde but, in opposite, something to avoid it. Anyway my TC64’s are treated with every possibile care.

    Peter said a few posts back that it's likely to be a problem with the ground connection in the breakout connector. When the cable's moved there's a momentary disconnection. When you're powered via the computer, the Chameleon's able to find some other path back to the same ground the computer's using - most likely through the monitor cable - so that disconnection doesn't cause a power-cycle. When you're powered via an external USB PSU there's no alternative path to its ground so the momentary disconnection from ground causes the chameleon to lose power.

    So, what’s happening is “normal” and I can’t do anything to avoid it unless powering the Chameleon through the USB of a PC? If so, sending the unit to iComp sounds quite useless.

    Common GND is still a difference, as most Chameleon PSUs (tablet or phone chargers) usually don't have a grounded plug to 240V, but laptop, desktop and monitor PSUs do...

    So I ask why other devices aren’t resetted “waggling” or touching a bit their respective cable using the same PSU’s I use with Chameleon. The next try I’ll do will be done using a powerbank.

    Edit: test done. Even with the powerbank (5V/2A) the TC resets touching the breakout cable near to the connector. Everything “external” I tried did so.

    Just a random guess. The computer you get USB power from is connected to the same monitor as the Chameleon. And the movement of the breakout cable is causing problems with the ground connection. So in that case the ground has found a way through the VGA cable to the monitor and through a other output cable back to the computer.

    Nope. The monitor is “alone” and the PC is a Laptop not connected to that monitor. I tried with my PC Desktop too, and powering the Chameleon with its USB port doesn’t cause the reset the same way with the laptop.

    That’s happen ONLY with external power supplies.

    I tried with another monitor too (Samsung TV with VGA input). Same thing. External supplies -> TC64 reset moving/touching breakout connector. USB POWER from PC -> Everything is ok.

    But when using power from a USB port the exact same cable is used, so how could it be NOT related to the single thing that is different? :)

    That’s a real MISTERY to me and I hope you’ll discover something more from the unit I’ve sent to you.

    Btw, I’ve uploaded a video that shows the issue. I CAN NOT KNOW why taking power from a USB port it doesn’t happen. But in stand alone mode, with every external power supply I tried, 2 out of 2 units I own shows this behaviour.

    The unit showed is the one I’ve sent.

    I was supposing the same thing but 4 out of 4 ac adapters are a lot of stuff :-D and the one that provides 5V/3A it’s build with quality and the issue happens ONLY with the Chameleon O_o not with smartphones and so on... so it sounds strange to me.

    Hi everybody,

    I own 2 TC64 v1 units and both show an issue with external AC adaptor.

    One unit is already on the way to iComp technicians.

    In short, touching a bit the breakout cable or lift it slightly resets (or maybe it’s appropriate to say it generates a powercycle) the TC64. I tried with 4 differents adaptors (2 are 5V/1A, 1 5V/2.4A, 1 5V/3A). Tried exchanging breakout cables: same thing.

    But if I take power from a USB PC port the issue doesn’t appear O_o

    Wondering if anyone encountered the same problem. To be honest I never noticed it because I started to use “intensively” the Chameleon again from the 9j core update. Before that it was “sleeping” for about 3 years or so :-)

    Nothing to do.

    I tried the following:

    - With 1xArmSID

    - With 2xArmSID: KO

    - With 1xoriginal SID: KO

    - With 2xoriginal SIDS: KO

    - Reverted to the original FW 20171114: KO

    - Reupdated to latest 20180227 FW: KO

    As I said before, on a standard machine the MSSIAH cartridge starts.

    Hi all,

    I’m trying to use the Mssiah cartridge but after power on the usual basic prompt appears. On a classic machine, no problem.

    Maybe it’s due to a particular protection boot routine against dump, but I wonder if it could be fixed just to use my original cartridge.

    Just for information, same happens on Ultimate64, that’s why I guess it’s regarding a non-standard bootchain.