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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Found a few on Amazon - bit pricey at $8 for the cheaper PZ1 screwdriver, for perhaps a one time use. Still I want the RTC powered :-) Did see a set for the drill so may want invest in that.

    Thanks - Will look on amazon for a set. As don't remember seeing then at the Hardware store in Chicago. Then again as wasn't looking for them ....

    Any one else have problems opening the case to install a battery for the RTC? :/

    Screw will not budge and was half stripped to start. So think it was powered screwed in. It is also a specialized screw and not simple common US type.

    As have been into computers so 80's so I have many size special tools none of which fit. Nor could I loosen it via wrench on a screwdriver that at least fit. Now have tried to chisel it out and still has not budged. I am currently slowly cutting case away from head. Once open I will use pliers to get the screw out and replace with oversize head screw.