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    OK I went the easy route (not really) and got a new A500 6a mobo. This time I didn't put in the Vampire and just tried it first without and then with the ACE2. Same thing happened and now the mobo won't boot with the original Agnes (sigh...). So I now (finally listening to you...) got my reading glasses and will try cleaning out the socket with IPA and a toothbrush, gently I presume :-)


    It looks fine, so I guess I need to pick up an extra mobo and see if that helps. I don't have the eyes anymore to get in close and check the pins... :-(


    I have just gotten the ACE2 AGnes RAM expansion.

    Computer: Amiga 500 r6A with 512K on board and card with additional 512K, Vampire v500 2+, Gotek, Denise USB keyboard.

    After installation I get the normal lights and first boot screen from the Vampire. After that no signal from either the Amiga RGB or the HDMI on the Vampire.

    I removed the and replaced both the Gary and the old AGnes, same booting now.

    Question is where is the fault:

    • The ACE2? but now the old setup doesn't work
    • The motherboard? everything else appears to work
    • The Vampire? are there reports that the ACE2 doesn't work with it? All the lights an the Vampire are on.

    Any help or suggestions?