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    Apparently my Chameleon v1 should have power greater than 5v ! I got some artifacts moving a little on the multicable but none when I used the 5.1 V iPad charger. But I HATE Apple and prefer not to use that charger. And I struggle to find other 5.1 V supplies. I thought about the Raspberry Pi supplies as I think they said they were 5.1 V but unfortunately they are micro usb and non detachable cable so I need a type a female to micro b female adapter or another 5.1 V supply :-( ANYONE have tips for me ? Thanks in advance ! And my image problems might also be solved due to the 5.1V supply voltage (but I would prefer to get it from other source than built by Apple .. :-( ) And the other v2 image problems were likely due to poor VGA cable !

    Thanks for reply ! I know I'm a little out of line here as I saw that a lot was answered already in the Quickstart guide -
    For my v1 all these years I only used the PSU that Vesalia supplied back in the start - I see now it also is 5V but 1,2 Amps ! (Hama)

    I found I also have two dedicated USB PSUs 5V/2A (with detached USB cable) - but they are of nondescript China type so I think those might be a bad idea ? And I have no way to check if they are _regulated_ (?) I really need to get more electronics skills :-(

    In addition to the old iPad1 charger I have a new 2A Samsung charger and an old Samsung charger both for Galaxy Tabs. Could these be likely candidates ?

    Hello !

    Im probably posting this in the wrong section, but as its about a PSU I thought maybe it could go here.

    Today I got the new Chameleon v2. :-)
    And to be safe I thought I'd ask one time too many, instead of once too little.

    I just wonder what PSU I should use for the Chameleon now ?
    Can I use any 5V PSU ? I remember there was some mention of that it should be 5,1 V ?
    I see that the PSU plug is mini-USB not micro so that limits me to PSUs with detachable cable.
    I would otherwise maybe use a RPi PSU but they dont have detachable cable.

    I have an old iPAD 1 PSU/charger, that I think is 5,1V (not very much used, so should still be good ?)
    The PSU on my old Cham. v1 is just a nondescript USB psu but its 5,1V I think.

    The amperage should be greater than 1A ? Only 1A on that iPad PSU/charger.
    I plan to use PS2 mouse and keyboard.

    Thanks for any info !

    But I think IF not implemented by seller it seems I pay postoffice fee+VAT on import to Norway as usual before, so its not a crisis.

    Though I agree for sure it seems they try to curb free trade for small sellers more than they try to help out on trade :-(

    Any news on how Covid is affecting you guys ? Do you still ship to Norway ?

    Greets best regards and stay safe in this hysteria and danger !

    Do I really REALLY need the CPLD update if I'm just using the card occasionally and not much maprom ?? (ACA1233n/26)

    The whole process of taking out and shipping through customs to and fro and reinserting is a big drag ;-(
    I'm always scared to destroy something :-/
    ( Remember I even had problems with the side slot connector on your first ACA1230 back in the day :-) )

    Btw I saw some issues in a thread here, with the 55mhz card does these apply to the 26 mhz one too ?

    By firmware do you mean the OSD.sys file ? By doing that I just got a "initializing sd card loop" on the first blue screen when I reset the MiniMig core :-( Im reverting to the old MiniMig core for now .. Btw this is with dockingstation v1.

    Hello !
    This is to mr Robinson mostly .. I tried to upgrade to the latest V1 MiniMig core (20/09 V1 "on parity with v2") - but it wont save configurations ?
    They are only 4 bytes ! Where the old are 100 bytes ? So I can't attach second harddisk img. ! :-( I can't quite see that I make a mistake either :-(

    Great ! I just wondered about that last card since a person on the review site said it didnt work with an old PC :-(
    And I was afraid it could be due to some lacking IDE support ??
    Its the cheapest on the list so it would be great if it works !

    And Im sorry about the external link, it was to a price comparator/lister site. Will not post such links again. :-)

    Hello !
    Are all CF cards supported such as these ?
    Marked UDMA7 ?

    The last one someone claimed did not work as IDE on an old pc ?
    Would that mean the same for ACA ?
    (link removed)
    (Link is to the last pictured card - Would be great if it works on ACA - not very expensive and then I wouldnt need any CF adapter things.)