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    I find that G64 files are a bit cumbersome to launch. I assume that the TC64 doesn't show the G64 directory because it is too complicated to read. But I wish that pressing the joystick button or 'Return' on a G64 file would launch the disk image: mount it, reset the C64, and do the equivalent of 'LOAD"*",8,1'.

    I have that implemented now :) And it also works for D64s (that was a no brainer)


    I wish the menu settings values wrapped around when you reach the end. Because they don't, you have to remember whether two-option settings like "PAL" and "NTSC" are the left or right key, which I always forget. It would be a bit more convenient if I could always hit the 'right' button to cycle/toggle through all the settings.

    I looked at this and wondered how neither me nor you apparently noticed that it already does this :) Simply dont use left or right, but "return" or "fire", which will cycle through the options

    Sounds strange, could you try some older releases of the core? I am sure i tested a bunch of games and saw no problems.... it sounds to me like something with the joystick input is wrong now. I'll have a look

    Edit: OK i see it now (and now i remember this Problem too) - it only happens in Cartridge mode, and only with the real Joystick connected to the C64. My guess would be that in that case the Joystick interfers with the Keyboard in a way it shouldnt. pwsoft needs to look at this (later), i tried before and couldnt find the problem.


    Alot of games not working.

    Please tell which of them that would be - according to my testing most games did work just fine (which is not surprising, most dont need anything fancy at all)

    cool, after some tweaking i found

    1. ModeLine "720x576@50.20" 27 720 732 795 864 576 580 584 622 -hsync -vsync

    Which works nicely even with vicii-sync on. The picture still looks a bit strange to me, perhaps because i am using a 5:4 monitor, perhaps because there is a bit more vertical border than on my 1701. But it looks like i can add this mode for next update - cheers

    Interesting... can you tell the exact timing too? I calculated (with a tool called "umc") a VGA mode for a 720x576x50 mode, and the result is nowhere close to 31kHz vertical frequency

    1. Modeline "720x576x50.20" 26.807603 720 736 808 896 576 580 584 596 -HSync +VSync

    None of my monitors can make sense of this, its detected as 640x480 and half the image does not show.

    However, the same resolution at 72Hz:

    1. Modeline "720x576x72.00" 41.052672 720 760 832 944 576 580 584 604 -HSync +VSync

    is detected as 800x600 and i can make the monitor show the entire screen content.

    Or perhaps there is another tool for this that will let me pick a specific vertical frequency(umc tries to do something that is as close to "VESA" as possible, i guess)? *shrug*



    I wonder if anyone can find out some more details on the modes those cores are using (*)... i am playing around with it atm, but so far none of my monitors can make sense of it :/ (*) vertical frequency at least would help, perhaps also the resolution of the (emulated) image they are displaying.

    Edit: checked the Datasheet of those two BenQ monitors... both dont officially support those things, so buying one would be a gamble (and... quite a bit too expensive :))

    Right now there is no way to rename the core using ChaCo ... however, you could just rename the .rbf file before you flash it.

    if you get FILE NOT FOUND, then the Computer sees the drive and the IEC Bus works! The problem is with the Disk and/or the Drive itself.

    Try the following:

    - connect exactly one Floppy drive

    - power on the drive, then the C64R

    - type in and run the following small BASIC program:

    10 open 1,8,15

    20 input a,b$,c,d

    30 print a;b$;c;d

    40 close 1

    That should print the drives powerup message (DOS version ).

    I'd try uninstalling the catweasel drivers and whatever the kryoflux installs, and then try to install catweasel drivers again.

    It could be a hardware problem too... did you disconnect the drives from the catweasel before, and perhaps when you reconnected them flipped the cable around?

    Sorry, cant be of much more help there (i dont have a pc with catweasel mk4 anymore).