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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    working on a bitstream rather than flux should indeed be good enough for most things - most of the time you will have simple things like "a sector exists twice" or so anyway.

    This is the mode table that should give you all info needed:

    The scaler in Chameleon is really simple, so actually a lot of modes are using integer scaling.

    I'd try the 800x600 or 720x576 modes at 50Hz first

    From my dusty memory: GBC has RGB565 palettes iirc, 4 palettes per tileset, 4 palettes for sprites, all of which can be combined and appear in a single line (and changed per line of course) - i really doubt storing a framebuffer as indices buys you anything.


    Also any time the game touches the video mode register the monitor ends up resyncing. So there's definite room for improvement there.

    Yes, thats the most annoying thing.... i adjusted it, then pressed START and damn, its far to the right again =)

    check this :) (Is that 20 years old? damn!)

    Cool stuff! Have to try this asap

    (There seems to be some copypaste error on the blog page...referring to the NES core :))

    Edit: awesome. i tried it with the one Gameboy Color title i was involved in that actually got published - works perfectly :)

    One thing that is a bit weird is, although my Monitor can display the image fine - the autodection will mess up the horizontal position so there is a considerably large black area on the left (something like a fifth of the screen or so).

    Just a quick answer now, i'll have to check with sd2iec tomorrow:

    1. generally sd2iec should "just work". try resetting the chameleon settings to default and try again. also please tell what kind of sd2iec hardware you have there.

    2. is odd - again try resetting the settings. it should work

    3. you can do it in the file browser (see the manual on how to enable two-panels mode). however, if sd2iec doesnt work in your setup then this will be tricky :)

    4. generally, no. MMC64 functionality really only exists for us to debug things when something goes wrong. and some MMC64 plugins exist that are not reproduced in the chameleon filebrowser yet (like playing mp3 with mp3@c64)

    I have put it on my TODO list... right now i am "optimizing" the menu system (as in refactor a lot of stuff so i can add more things) and then i can hopefully add some features that were suggested. Like Jens said, we have other details on the list that need to be worked on first, if time time permits even.

    Generally that is no problem. The only thing that may happen is that (sometimes!) the autodetection for the target computer fails, so the mouse will not work correctly. If you are using the Adapter with Amiga only, jumper it accordingly to remove that problem.

    In theory you can transfer some hundred(s) kB/sec via IR if i remember correctly - however hte IR reciever in the chameleon isnt really set up for high speed transfers, and it can only recognize the CDTV protocoll. It's also just a reciever, so linking two chameleons that way can not work - using IEC for this is a much better idea (and it will then even work with real C64s)