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    uuuuh. first of all, if your C64 works without the chameleon, it should work with the chameleon. if it does NOT work without chameleon - you shouldnt even try with the chameleon.

    then, the 8520 CIA used in amigas is NOT compatible with the 6526.

    portal runs fine for me... what kind of problems do you see with it?

    your description is a bit confusing to me... you can use the menus, use it start programs/games... and they will work? but when you select "reset to basic" it will not?

    what you could try is disabling "copy roms from c64", save config, and restart (powercycle)

    I have just uploaded another core update so you have something to play with over the easter weekend :)

    The changes in detail:

    As usual get the update on the Chameleon wiki page.

    Have fun!


    annoyingly, having copied it to a suitable SD card it works just fine.

    wow... thats surprising. it could point to the lowlevel spi code being broken, but i cant imagine in what way to result in this behaviour. *shrug*

    next186 is kindof ported, kludges are that it requires an sd card with a specific layout to load its bios from, some kind of bootloader would be required to load the bios from chameleon flashrom preferable, like the TC64 core does (download from opencores, the source for chameleon v2 is in a zip inside the download).

    amstrad cpc shouldnt be terrible hard to port for the most part (it runs on the c-one) - however, it would need some kind of "Bridge" to implement CF-card (IDE) style access on the SD-card

    good news... it still works with the "clean" sd-card.... bad news is, it still crashes with the other (which is likely fragmented)

    No, it does not work right now. That doesnt mean Chameleon isnt compatible with U64 though (it doesnt have to) - it means the U64 isnt implementing the expansion port 100% right (which it has to do for chameleon to work). I wouldnt risk trying it, FPGAs can drive I/O lines relatively strong, so when that happens for some reason there is a chance either device will get damaged.

    i use mkfs.vfat usually (on linux).... i will try with a cleanly formatted 16mb card (yes i have one =D) - there is hardly anything that could go wrong then

    edit: holy maccaroni! thats it... formatted sd card, copied OSD on it as first file, then kick.rom, then some adfs.... and it works. so indeed, this very much points at a bug in the initial loader :)

    the core works, but still no change regarding behaviour with fastram....


    I suspect that you're only going to see the latter two.

    correct, one named "memory at 0x00c00000", the other "chip memory at 0x00000000". no fast ram

    speedtest in sysinfo shows 0,6Mips :)


    in the hope that it will behave on your Chameleon once again

    btw, just to say it uncase i didnt - i always used my old sd card before, containing this older OSD. it probably never worked with the newer one.

    Workbench says 314,something "other mem" regardless how much fastmem i enable in OSD. zeewolf 2 boots and runs, but i have now idea if the speed is what you'd expect =)