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    there is no such config file, and the same reasons for why we wont add it apply: we will need a new bit in the config registers, and we'd have to add considerably much new code to the menu system. its one of those things that we might consider once we fixed all (or most) bugs - but not now.

    The problem with this is: there is surely another group of people who like the autofire and want to keep it. And since one thing we dont want to do during developing the chameleon is removing features that once worked, just replacing it is not an option.

    This is not an option because of several reasons:

    - The IR reciever (and the transmittor at the CDTV remote) use a special "non standard" frequency range. So regular "standard" IR devices do not work with it. (But thats one reason for why it works so well)

    - The FPGA can be considered "full" at this point. We will not (and we can not) add any more extra features - the remaining few logic elements are reserved for bugfixes.

    - The same is pretty much true for the menu system, there isnt much room for adding new things. And the remaining space is again needed for fixing bugs (or adding those little patches like the Y/N thing).

    As said before, overall the chameleon can be considered "feature complete".


    So, the button 5 is F5 according to the manual page62, but on my TC it acts as "Mount D64 image" if i press it in the menus.

    It doesnt do that here - does it happen also in standalone mode (and without a docking station)? It might be another bug (so no, It should work the same everywhere. The software cant even "know" if the input comes from the remote or a keyboard)

    could you point me to the exact disk image you are using, please? found it :)

    It works fine here, standalone and in cartridge mode - do you have more than one drive enabled perhaps? or the turbo mode? Please go to settings, reset to defaults, enable drive 1 as #8 - and then try again.

    We have had a few SD card related problems in the past... but i havent heard about any for quite some time - so just try another. Known problems are listed here. Would be great if you could tell what card exactly it is (including the info usually printed on the back of the card, see the wiki page for examples) so we can add it to the wiki.

    They will get created when you build the core on the command line, like:

    1. ~/altera/18.1/quartus/bin/quartus_sh -t chameleon2_life.tcl

    perhaps we should check them in, i also fell for it :)

    BTW, i am almost ready with porting your pong core (that was yours, right?) - send me a pm with your email and i'll mail it over... some details dont work yet, but thats related to my complete lack of vhdl/quartus knowledge =)

    it could be as simple as dirty expansion port. or even a dirty power connector or power switch. or the CIAs are giving up soon. or mmh... it could be so many things :) here i could fix most cases of irritating behaviour by cleaning the ports/connectors and the power switch however. the later is often underestimated - a subtle voltage drop at the switch can cause really subtle problems, like the one you are seeing.

    that said, it could still be something completely different - good to hear it fors for you now :)

    We simply don't have or use OSX - and it seems to be too much of a moving target. Also chaco uses libusb, which just stopped working on OSX at some point. Someone provided a libhid port a while ago - but i never could make this work on my ancient powerbook (which broke down by now).

    It shouldnt be terribly hard to make it work though - by someone who knows his way around current OSX :)