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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    That said, using the Chameleon with a (even partially) broken C64 is neither supported nor recommended.

    Other than the SIDs being partly defect the C64s are in very good health. I even recapped them a week ago. I have also measured the voltages coming from the power supplies, and found them to be correct. Also waiting for an overvoltage protection unit I ordered. And also a modern power supply. So I do not think these partly defect SIDs would do any harm? I just find it really interesting the TC64 V2 takes full advantage of these partly defect SIDs and sounds perfect when using the 3.5mm jack from the TC64 V2.

    But I understand where your coming from as an icomp developer and with regards to support.

    This is really nice because I have two partly damaged SIDs. One of them puts out sound at an extremely low volume. Can barely hear it. The other one has extremely low sound in Wave forms test two when using SID tester software. And also sounds wrong in a few games. Both these chips seems to work normal when I use the TC64 V2 and plug the speakers in the 3.5mm jack. I still get the benefits from these two partly damaged SID chips and everything sounds perfect. And I can hear with the Alien (1984 game) that the SIDs are being used.

    Just love the TC64 V2 more and more now

    A few observations. So it seems the TC64 V2 behaves like there is no SID in the C64 when using a SwinSID Nano. However, when there is a real SID in the C64 I can clearly hear the music in Alien (1984) has the correct 'Woah.. woah... woaah' sounds when using the 3.5mm jack on the TC64 V2. Almost (maybe it sounds the same) sounds the same as if I plug the sound into the C64s own output. Almost like it's fully using the real SID even when using the 3.5mm TC64 jack. Or maybe it's just using parts of the real SID to make this sound correctly? Both with the SwinSID or no SID it sounds like TC64's emulation takes over and will miss that particular 'woaah.. woaah.. woaah effect. With a SwinSID nano alone (without TC64 this song would be totally garbled and distorted). Example of the ''woaah.. woaah' effect I'm describing:

    So as stated by the indivision people TC64 uses the real SID for some stuff at least. Seems to me that having a real working SID is nice even when using the 3.5mm TC64 jack. Have to do some more testing

    BTW, when having no real SID or just a SwinSID nano in the C64 while using TC64 V2 and running Sid Meier's Pirates the game comes up with a couple of Error messages saying something is wrong with the SID. Game still works though. This does not happen when using a real SID in the C64. So what could cause this? Something to do with paddle/mouse support? Does the TC64 V2 SID implementation support these features?

    Also, so far only one D64 version of Pirates is working with the TC64 V2. It's a single image version. Tried 2 or 3 other 2 disk versions which was not working. Could these sorts of compatability issues be sorted in future TC64 V2 firmwares?

    I'm not aware of any games that have stereo support, but yes software needs to support it otherwise you just get a single channel. And whatever address that software uses, needs to correspond with address set in the "SID Emulation" option. There are however a bunch of stereo SID files. The SID player in the menu system can handle these stereo files just fine and should automatically use the correct emulation mode (in most cases).

    Thanks for the information. The SID "emulation" (I don't consider FPGA to be emulation but re-implementation of the hardware) sounds really good and the sound quality is awesome from the 3.5mm jack. I have a BenQ BL702A running with 800x600, 50Hz, Synced to Vic II from the TC64 V2 menu and a set of speakers connected to the TC64 V2 and at the same time I connected an SVideo cable to a small older LCD TV which supports 50Hz scrolling without de-interlacing the picture. I have to say the the whole TC64 V2 experience with the above mentioned setup is far superior both in sound and picture quality compared to the native Svideo solution. Not a big surprise really but the TC64 V2 is making the whole C64 experience so much better. And combined with the pixelwizard cases I have ordered this will be total C64 porn. Delicious is probably the best word to use

    If you have only one SID in your machine. You can only have emulated stereo and then you need to get the audio from the 3.5 mm jack. In that case SID Real Stereo Chip is set to mono. Then the SID Emulation is controlling what the software sees.

    Still any type settings will not affect the SID in the C64 itself.

    Thank you for confirming. So do I have to use software written for stereo for it to work? And btw, I only have one SID chip inside my 64s. So the SID music file or game have to support stereo I assume?

    I have another TC64 V2 on the way now ;)

    So a little question. When using the SID stereo function, it is my understanding that it uses the TC64 FPGA SID + the real C64 SID to accomplish this? I tried this and didn't get stereo on one of my C64c's. I only got sound on one speaker. I later realised the real SID chip had died. It had been working fine the last time I used this C64c (before I got the TC64 V2. I may have selected the secondary SID or both at 6581 instead of 8580 from the TC64 V2 menu. So my question is if it could at all be possible that the real 8580 got damaged when I selected the 6581 from the TC64 V2 menu? I would assume not of course, but just to rule it out I'm asking anyway. I know the SID chips are very prone to failure.

    I have the same issue with mine. The left button is almost stuck. But it works. Also my bottom screw was so tight that I had problems unloosening it. Not a problems really, I just related to the tight screw-story.

    My left and far right buttons was totally stuck until I fixed it. I tested the screw on my Epyx Fastloader cartridge and had no problems unscrewing it. Now the screw on the TC 64 V2 is not that bad after loosening and screwing it on a few times.

    I found that 800x600, 50Hz and Vsync is the only viable option for my BenQ BL702A. This switches the monitor to 832x624 50Hz. When I enable scanlines 75% I get washed out colours. Probably to make it look like it did on a C64 on a CRT? Also, the scanlines are not perfect in vertical scrolling games. When the scanlines are off I get rich colours. Scanlines at 50 or 25% looks really bad at this resolution.

    640x480, 50Hz and Vsync makes the picture stretched too much vertically, making it wrong aspect ratio. I kinda wish there was a 640x512 and/or 720x576 option. The scanlines and aspect ratio would look better in these resolutions aswell.

    any plans to update this aspect of the Turbo Chameleon 64 V2?

    btw, at first I widened the holes using a 6mm drill. Which made the red button work. The black was still stuck so I widened to 6.5mm. Discovered later, as mentioned earlier in this thread, that the switch for the black button was not soldered level to the PCB. It was sticking up on one side so I had to resolder it to get it flush on the PCB. So this means that 6mm would have been enough. But I guess having a small room around the buttons don't affect anything.

    Hi, Jens

    Good to hear that you have taken action in fixing the button thing :) I'm just happy it was an easy fix that I could easily fix myself.

    With regards to the screw holding the cartridge. I did not have the correct screwdriver but no harm was done.

    Other than this I have to say that the Turbo chameleon 64 V2 looks like an excellent piece of harware that will solve most of my problems with using C64s. One of these problems has been showing a 50Hz smooth picture with scanlines and no input lag on a modern LCD. And as a bonus I also bought the docking station from you and can use it with other cores to run other types of retro systems.

    I have bought quite a few devices from you and are very happy with them. Keep up the great work :)

    We have had a few SD card related problems in the past... but i havent heard about any for quite some time - so just try another. Known problems are listed here. Would be great if you could tell what card exactly it is (including the info usually printed on the back of the card, see the wiki page for examples) so we can add it to the wiki.

    Transcend 2GB 9191AA 2G 07SM1 B846415901 Taiwan

    Was really hard to read the small text on the back of the card but I hope I got it right. I only have two of these for now. Have been using them for my SD2IEC where they have been working fine. So I guess I will have to buy some more.

    BTW, after widening the holes for the buttons on the Chameleon 64 V2 the reset button was fine but the black (disk swap button) was still stuck. Turned out the switch itself was not soldered level to the PCB on one of the sides. Making it not standing straight, which again caused it to lock against the plastic when the cartridge was closed. So I soldered it level on the PCB and everything was fine.

    I hope you inspect and test your hardware before you send it out to customers in the future. Thanks

    Update. I have managed to opened the cartridge now. The screw was sitting insanely tight. I',m a fairly strong man as I am working as an electrician, and have been doing so for 25 years, but this screw was really tight. lol.

    Anyway, now I can widen the holes for the buttons. It seems they are not perfectly round so two of the buttons got stuck.

    My other problem now is that the Chameleon V2 will not read my Transcend 2GB SD cards. It will just hang when trying to initialize. Is the Chameleon very picky about SD cards?

    So I just recieved the Turbo Chamelon 64 V2 in the mail today. However, when I took it out of the box and inspected it it turned out the black and the red buttons are stuck. The red button can be pressed down but needs to be pulled up again with pliers. The black button is totally stuck. white button works fine. Looks like the holes are just to small for the buttons so they get stuck. I have not plugged it in yet. Serial number is QTNdA

    So is it possible to open this and drill bigger holes for the buttons? I tried to unscrew the screw that should hold the cartridge together but it seems stuck and I don't want to use too much force on it. Maybe it's glued? Do I really have to send it back for this?!

    Also, it is beyond me why this was shipped out to me as a customer without the buttons being tested! It would take like 1 second to try and press the buttons to see if they work correctly prior to shipping this out to customers