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    Thats exactly what I get, and the top border is bigger also, if theres any way around this it would be great.

    I also have the Benq BL702A, very impressed with it, reasonably priced also.

    As you can see on the LCD TV the bottom overscan area is bigger than the top one. On the BenQ it's the other way around.

    It's a great monitor for TC64, Indivision ECS/ECS V2 or connecting directly to Amiga RGB.

    I took some pictures of the above mentioned BenQ BL 702A plugged into the TC64 V2s VGA and an LCD TV plugged in the same C64s Video port, connected with S-Video and set to 4:3 aspect ratio. So both screens running at the same time.

    As you can see, the TC64 has a larger overscan area on the left side and a slightly larger overscan area on the right side compared to the LCD TVs S-video picture which is connected to C64s video port. So plenty of overscan space on the BenQ. So you could center the image without loosing any important overscan. But as I said in my last post, the drawback would be a black border on the right side.

    I get the same. I am using the BenQ BL 702A. Settings are 800x600, 50Hz and sync to VIC II is on. After comparing with screens connected to C64s videoport I have seen that much of the left area is showing more than it would when a screen is connected via C64s video port. So I think you could center the picture without really missing anything. The drawback is that you get a black border on the right side of course.

    A C64 with its CRT monitor shows the best image and the screen is perfectly synchronized with scrolling games.

    LCD/LED/VGA screens are better for your eyesight.

    I get smooth scrolling since my BenQ can sync with the VIC II and run 50Hz. I think I seen in some thread here that one of the moderators, think it was Tobias is using a Commodore 1702 with his C64. Maybe he would be willing to post a few pictures here...

    To load it back, the easiest way is to first load the original crt, go back to the menu, then load the saved .bin. Writing directly into the original crt file isnt trivially solved, unfortunately. Effectively you'd have to write the full .crt file in any case (because the original file may contain "holes", ie missing banks, which the saving might have modified)

    Thanks for the answer. With this much hassle it's much easier to just run the single disk D64 version of the game.

    I tried saving as a ROM image. I selected the slot the EF image was loaded to. It created a ROM file. But when I was trying to run the ROM file, nothing happened.

    This is a cartridge version of the game Pirates! and it is supposed to be able to save to it. At least in emulators. I think it was an easy flash cartridge. It is a CRT file. It would be nice if one could just save the game, then enter menu and update the image. Like with D64 images.

    Edit: Yes, it's an easy flash image. I checked the txt file.

    I can only guess that you are referring to an Easyflash Image.... You can "save" to it, however the changes will only be saved to the Chameleon RAM. To actually save it to SD-Card, enter the menu, enter the Filebrowser, press F4, select "save ROM image", enter a filename, and then select the cartridge slot the EF image was loaded to.

    Thanks. Yes, I meant an EasyFlash image. Thanks, so it is actually possible to save then. Very nice! Thanks again

    So I was trying a cartridge image of the game Pirates! I think I have asked this before with regards to another cartridge image, but is there any technical reason to why we cannot save on cartridge images? It would be really nice to have this feature

    Can you post an image ?

    Here is a couple of images. I have an old camera and it's not the best pictures. So they have some artifacts, lower brightness VS the real experience. I have scanline intensity set at 75% (weakest). In my first post I said 25% which was wrong. Settings are 800x600, 50Hz, Sync to VIC II is on. I am using the BenQ BL 702A LCD monitor.

    As I don't have any commodore CRT monitors these days I would be interested to hear, see picture comparisons maybe, from someone who has one of these Commodore CRT monitors and TC64 with LCD to see how TC64 LCD compares to real commodore CRT monitors.

    In my case I am using TC64 V2 VS in cartridge mode with a BenQ BL 702A LCD monitor. Settings are 800x600, 50Hz, VIC II sync on and scanline intensity at 25%. I wonder how this picture would compare to a real Commodore monitor?


    It is clear this isn't going to be resolved after this long.

    I don't know what it may be worth and if I do list mine for sale I am going to be clear about the issues and probably start at $50 US plus shipping.

    If I had a PC CRT monitor to test on it might be acceptable but I can't justify buying a CRT just to find out it is still a poor quality image. For now the ECS V2 is just sitting in my spare A500 on the bench while my real day-to-day A500 has a real ECS Denise in it with an OSSC.

    The ghosting is quite bad in workbench. But with scanlines on and gaming it's not too bad.

    There is no other way, sorry. You dont have to go to the Menu all the time though... just do it once when you want to stop playing, and then save the disk.

    Thanks for the answer. I think sometimes it didn't update the image or crashed as I entered the menu. Will do some more testing. I could always try some other Pirates! images aswell

    So on my TC64 V2 I have a few questions with regards to updating D64 images. So I have tried the options to ask if you want to update the image and auto update image. The problem is when I'm playing Pirates! and want to save my game. So I go and save my game inside the game. Then I have to hit the black button to exit to the TC64 menu in order to be asked or auto update the D64 image, or else the save won't stick. Sometimes/quite often when I exit out to the menu and then go back to the game, the game crashes. This is quite annoying. No other way to update the image without going out to the TC64s menu? As far as I remember my SD2IEC would actually save when inside the game, with no need to do anything else.


    Have been testing between my ECS V1 and ECS V2. Turns out ECS V1 has no noticeable ghosting when using a good quality VGA cable. Also has a very sharp image on my BenQ BL 702A and BL 912. Both with 62Hz and 50Hz profiles.

    I have tried the same VGA connector cables that comes with the ECS V1 on my ECS V2. ECS V2 will still have bad ghosting. Of course I also tried the same VGA cable that goes to the monitor. ECS V2 seems to have ghosting no matter what profile or custom profile I do.

    I even created a profile to make the ECS V2 replicate ECS V1 62Hz profile. ECS V1 62Hz profile will make my BenQ screens switch to 1024x600@62Hz. I made the ECS V2 switch to the exact same resolution and everything by making a custom profile. Still it has the bad ghosting. And in general ECS V1 seems to have a sharper image VS ECS V2.

    This is definately something going on with the ECS V2. I have both original Amiga PSUs which I have recapped and more modern PSUs. Makes no difference on the ECS 2. I even tried a smoothing cap between VCC and ground in Denise socket. No difference.

    I do quite a bit of soldering in general. Is there any possible solutions using smoothing caps or resistors somewhere?

    Yeah I had the A500 setup still on the development desk, so before I all put it back in the box, I was like.. lets try this fix first.

    Border Blank seems to work just fine now! Thanks!

    The right overscan area is still missing a few more pixels compared to an original Denise. I can see it when using my BenQ BL 702A connected to RGB. With the original Denise, if I adjust the picture to the left as far as possible until the blank area starts to show itself on the right side it does indeed have more pixels VS ECS V2. However, this is no longer critical because it will not affect any games or anything as far as I've seen thus far. But if it's easy to fix it would be nice to have it replicate the exact same overscan area the real Denise have. If not, I'm happy with how it is now :)

    So as it stands now I am really happy with the ECS V2. Only thing I am not super happy with is the ghosting in the picture when using VGA (no ghosting using RGB). But I'm not sure anything can be done about that. I know VGA is prone to ghosting on higher frequencies. Anyway, with scanlines enabled it's not too bad.

    One thing to note, allthough the BenQ BL 702A will show the 15KHz RGB picture about perfectly when pixel and phaseclocks are tuned it's just easier to look at a scandoubled picture. And especially with 13% or 25% scanline intesity. It's just easier on the eyes.