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    Thank you, I'm looking forward!

    Megademo 6 is a standard AmigaDOS disk. From a quick test in UAE, it's sufficient to load the executable '1' from a hard disk, with all other files removed (I got this hint from the thread - thanks there!). I hope that helps speed up the initial diagnostics.

    As for seldomly-used, unfortunately this also affects at least one game - please have a look the thread for extensive photo coverage on that, too.

    If there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know.

    Dear iComp team,

    It seems like I've stumbled upon an incompatibility in Indivision's emulation of the Denise chip.

    Could you please test the following demo on a machine equipped with Indivision ECS v2?

    Kefrens Megademo 6…ens/Kefrens-Demodisk6.adf

    Once the intro shows, press the left mouse button once to skip to the first part of the demo.

    Here is a photo of how it looks on my A2000 with an Indivision ECS v2 configured for OCS mode:

    First things first, please ignore the broken scroller at the bottom of the screen - that's because of an ECS Agnus, and does not matter for this bug report at all.

    As you can see from the photo above, the letters K and S are black depending on their position. This shouldn't be the case, and indeed it does not happen on my other Amiga equipped with a real OCS Denise. They should remain coloured at all times.

    According to a discussion in a forum, this does not happen with ECS Denise either, but it *does* happen in old versions of UAE and has been fixed meanwhile:

    Is it possible that Indivision's Denise emulation makes the same mistake?

    I suppose this can be fixed with a firmware update, so I'd be grateful for a fix.

    Thank you very much!

    I have the same issue. Here are two more photos to hopefully clarify the issue.

    My settings are the default VESA 1280x1024 and 640x512 PAL, shown on a native 1280x1024 LCD.

    On the first photo, the text in the menu bar is smeared horizontally to the right: The black font has a washed out shadow to the right, and the top left of the 'h' has the white pixels on its left bleeding into it:

    The other photo shows disk icons bleeding several pixels into a window border: