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    how could i delete a core from the TC64 (V2) ?

    ..i have programmed all the cores to try.. but now i want only some cores, so i need to delete the others.

    thanks in advance


    ..right! ...i'm a new user... so be patient!

    ..perhaps i have found the problem... was the turbo on! ...with turbo off i see the REU demo without problems!



    i cannot try in stand alone mode... i have not docking station (i'm waiting for it to be available on your site).. i'll try to clean the expansion port....

    ..i'll tell you news!

    other test... REU demo with nuvieplayer...

    i set 16mb reu in the option... i load the reu file in memory then i start nuvieplayer... i ear the sound (if present in the demo) but the video is flickering with colors.... i have tested a lot of reu demo... there is something else to set in the options?

    it seems that all the problems i had were due to the SD... i have tried 5 different SD... the chamaleon functions only with 16GB SD.

    With 32Gb by samsung, sandisk and trascend there is no way to use it.

    do you know about it?


    I have made other tests... one problem is the SD card.

    The Chamaleon functions only with a 16gb trascend... when i try 32gb (various brand) i have a lot of problem (every SD card formatted fat32)

    i'll tell you other news after others tests.


    I have received my TC64 and the first test i have made (with the TC64 attached to a Commoodre 64c) was to mount a disk and then read the directory from basic.... the led blinks and the C64 stops working.

    Then i have tried to launch PRG directly from the file browser and the TC64 seems to work fine.

    So i tried again to mount something... but the errors was again.

    i have tried to change SD with the same result. i decided to reflah the TC64... now i'm able to read directory (with LOAD "$",8) but if i try to start the program (LOAD "*",8,1) the C64 stops again!

    What's wrong?

    could anybody help me?