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    That did the trick! Thanks.

    Last question:

    I’m hooked up to a very modern widescreen lcd 1080p display. Some screen modes I can’t get quite right e.g. the rightmost and bottom pixels are not displayed no matter how much I change backporch etc. If I were to use a crt super vga or multisync monitor am I likely to achieve better results?


    This is fantastic news. I shall try this this evening or tomorrow evening and report back. Happy to do the mod because, as you know, I already had to bodge 3 of the pins

    Yeah was recapped a month ago. I could check the edge connector yeah. Weird that the 604n otherwise works just fine but I guess the workbench windows are going through chip memory so it makes sense kind of, maybe.

    I did. I didn’t work properly right out the box though. Has been working fine for days in my 2000 though. I think either my 600 or the 604n is faulty.

    Further Development:

    Device works perfectly in my A2000.

    So, something about my A600 it doesn't like. My config:

    A600 with original PSU

    Furia 68020

    IDE->SD adapter with card int

    Gotek floppy replacement


    Wondering if power was a problem? I did try taking the furia card out to reduce psu burden but it was no better.

    TL;DR I don't think the Indivision is faulty so will keep it. Would really like it for my A600 if poss though. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

    I'll have to send it back. There is good electrical contact from the indivision to the 604n; I measured it in-situ.

    Anyhow, what address should I send it back to? Shall I just include my original order number in the box with it?

    I understand I am responsible for paying for it to be fixed.

    Thanks, Brad

    Ok I saw a video of one that was installed and working but I have a huge problem:

    1. 3 pins on the board were bent. In attempting to straighten them all 3 snapped off.

    2. I managed to solder some legs back on, connected device to the riser board and then checked continuity of every pin and made sure there were no short circuits

    3. Connected to A600 and powered on

    The Amiga boots and I get a picture out of the VGA connection. All looked well but, after opening a few windows I start to see graphical corruption on the screen e.g. big clumps of random pixels when a new window opens.

    To see if the device wasn't happy with one of my other devices I removed my ethernet card and my Furia accelerator and booted from a 2.04 Wokbench floppy. The problem was visible immediately, with the frame around the main workbench screen broekn up with missing pixels and flickering.

    The same graphical corruption can be seen through the regula RGB port if the Indivision is connected.

    I removed the Indivision and now everything is back to normal.

    I'm not sure where to go from here?

    My ecs v2 has just arrived, hurray.

    However, I cannot find instructions on how to fit this to an A600. I have the A604n fitted already so I know I’m good to go and could maybe work it out just by looking but would prefer some official instructions.