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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Wheater was indeed extreme, here compleet highways and villages are flooded (Limburg, holland). They where even jetskying, just on the streets :)

    Well you have to make the best of it, as long as my amiga's are safe ;)

    From a user perspective its work as expected with a (wireless) mouse, and lowpower USB stick in the C64R-Mk2

    I dont see any negative effect (screen, audio, crashes..)

    The failsafe for power usage seems to work too, it rejected my USB joystick and some USB sticks too with a flashing lite that indicates to much current. Think you need a realy basic usb joystick to get this to work

    Only downside for me is that i cant use the TC64 with the mssiah card te get easy disk acces and VGA out..


    I want to hookup my Fantomg8 to my c64 with a mssiah card, and i noticed that they also have a device called 'SavYour' that can be used to connect USB mice and joysticks (i'm not interested in the 1541 part..).

    Does anybody have any experience with this combination on a C64R-MKII? The Mssiah card works perfect (already tried one from a friend), but i find the Savyour interesting too, but dont know if this is save to use on the C64MKII.

    According to the documentation it has some safety messures to not 'overload' the joystick port of the C64

    I know this is not an icomp product, but hopefully someone can tel me if its safe to use or not on the C64-reloaded..

    Best regards


    I orderd everything i need to mount the U64 and C64R2 at Pixelwizard together with the C64c cases.

    Both C64U and U64 Elite will fit in every C64 case. No need for modding, only the correct mounting for the keyboard in case of a c64c case.

    The U64 will come with its own PSU. I label my PSU's. But as Tobias mentioned, there the same.

    Please keep in mind that you most likely have to enable SMB1 on youre nas when you want to use a networkshare.

    Another solution is to use a PI as a simple nas with openmediavault. This is a lot cheaper then bying a NAS and fast enough for an amiga with the pi3.

    If i remember correctly you have to set "ntlm auth = yes" in the advanced section under SMB/CIFS to enable to use the share from an amiga over smb

    The diode you mentioned is removed and the switch to select powersource is removed too.

    Works very nice with a gamepad.

    I dont think its used because its cheap, i looked up the prebuild price and its more expensive then a competition pro. I think its more tempting because the lack of new good quality joysticks/joypads. Atleast thats how i see it..

    I tried several c64 compatible joysticks --besides the competition pro thats working fine-- to replace my old Arcade ones, from some well known online stores, and they all worked like...well how do i put this nicely,.. well , not! Especially the gamepads.

    Some times you have to use a hammer to operate them. And maybe i'm looking in the wrong place, but thats the thing with online shopping, You cant touch and try something. You have to trust the advertisement, so you try to find stores with a 'good name'.

    With this device you have a lot more choice over a lot more nicely working controllers without the need of any extra tools to play a game :) And its even possible --since 1 day here-- to go to a game store to try one and other.

    Besides the availability, wireless is more comfortable, The signal is reaching my couch now, no need to sit on the ground while playing in the living room 8o .

    On the other hand, i wouldnt have bought it my self -- it was a gift from a good friend-- Mostly because i cant tell if its ok or not to use, But i have to say, it works nice and can see why people want this and the issues they run in with new wired controllers.

    Hi Jens, thanks for the answer.

    Well, just got it from a friend, and i'm not to technicall, so that why i a asked ;). I read the forum on a reguler basis, so i know some hardware just doest go together that well.

    This version has a switch, this switch selects external or c64 power. But if i understand correctly i have to find someone to check this if this realy isolates the power --or maybe remove the switch completly to avoid confusion what position it is,


    Just a question before i destroy anything..

    I just got a UniJoysticle2 bluetooth device for the c64 to use bluetooth controllers.. Working great on a original C64. But would it be safe to use this on the TC64v2 and on the C64 Reloaded MK2?

    It takes its power from the C64 port, but there is also a switch on it tu ise an external powersupply.

    Best regards,


    What about these Gayle reset fix adapters that I see around? Better than software solution or not needed?

    From my experience (i'm no hardware specialist!), the software is just as good..

    If im not mistaken the manual of the 3c589 driver stated that issues like reset can happen when hotplugging/unplugging the card.

    Back in the days i bought some 16 bit PCM netwokwork cards (just before the last amiga shop in Rotterdam closed about 20/25 years ago...) and they did come with the Gayle reset fix adapter. I never installed them and never had any issue with software only.

    Back then i was using my amiga 1200 (for over 8 hours a day..

    At the moment i dont have the software installed too, but now a day i dont have these cards connected al the time, just when needed to keep my desk 'clean'.

    I have to admit that I rarely use the 3com, its feels cheap and fragile on the ethernet connector witch pops-out. with the connector sitting on the top of the card.. So its not so handy with a cat7 connector and cable in between my and my cup of coffee :)..

    The card i use : "target network line"(24007), dynalink (L10C) and a newer 3com(3cxe589et).

    Vsync is even working on a very cheap none gaming asus monitor with vsync @50hz with perfect fit to the screen, Nice :) Seems there is a bigger change a monitor will work nice with the TC.

    Couldnt get this to work before with this screen and still not with my IndiECSv2.

    When i have some time i put the info of my monitors in combination with the chameleon in the thread Jens has started.

    Just tried the update and the screen output on my iiyama syncmaster (g2530hsu) is now great.

    Before only 800x600 would sync at 50Hz with vsync at this screen, but with a fairly big border in the top (very anoing).

    Now every mode syns at 50Hz. and most give an instand image with a perfect fit from side to side and top to bottem @50Hz with vsync ( 1280 x nnn neads manually tweaking).

    I find the 720x576@50Hz the best resolution on both screens, For some reason the colors get over saturated when using the high resolutions,

    So , this is a great improvement over the previous version:thumbup: