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    Here the same thing, you can feel it while not touching the amiga it self. Something i didnt have with the MKII

    Specs : amiga 1200 rev 1d4 recapped, icomp CA-PSU, ACA1233n@40 with IDE speeder, Rapidroad USB,

    edit: and while posting, the answere came from pwsoft,

    Sure, that'll work - the circuit board has additional mounting holes that will be useful for some bracket that you'll have to build.

    It doesnt seem to fit unless force is used to get it between the power input en composit output ;( , a cap also seems to be in the way, but this is easy to change. Only option is to make the print 1 mm thinner, but his voids warrenty i gues

    It should - it's a good deal smaller than a DVI-I connector.

    Nice! The cable is now 'hanging out', afcource with a proper protection to avoid damage on the metal shield and other things.

    Just waiting for the PSU to be in the store to make my total order (or can i add this later).

    i already removed my RF connection to make room for the indivision MK2 connector. This because i also have a rapidroad installed and the USB connectors are in place of the free expantion place on the back..

    Can you tell me if the HDMI connection fit in place of the RF modulator?

    From the pictures my gues is yes. I realy dont want to make extra holes in my mint condition case ;)

    I had some keyboard issues to on 2 of my amiga's, and this is not as answhere to youre question, but just what i tried and maybe helfull for you to make a keyboard fully working again.

    I had 2 problem keyboards and there both fixed. I'm not to technical so, a bit of luck was required ;)

    One had just 2 key's not working (a500+), i took it apart and clead every part of it. Now its in working condition and still used everyday.

    The other (A600) had a whole row of key's not working, cleaning didnt help, so i replaced the membrane with a new one (dont think its allowed to include a link).

    i know its an old technology, but turning vsync on my standard office monitor for example just gives me a blank screen. While a 50Hz frequentie without vsync gives an image. Dont know if this is common.. On my PC vsync works with the same monitor (HDMI / Displayport, dont have VGA on my pc).

    Would freesync help though? Isn't the framerate of the Amiga pretty much synced to the frequency of the TV system it was suppose to be connected to?

    Well, i don't think freesync would be a benefit, but when i look at my TC64V2 and IndivisionECSv2 with vsync on (connected to my freesync monitor), the animations are realy smooth. No more (micro) jitter or screen tearing, just smooth animations and readeble text scrollers.

    Since decent freesync monitors are cheaper then gsync it would be more afordeble to more users.

    hehe, those where the days ;),.Wel, for me its no issue since i preffer the TC64v2 anyway.

    But i think its good to know it doesnt always work.

    Now i'm thinking of it, it can also be the firmware version.. I try to lookup my other u64, this one has an older firmware version (with working tape reading i used to read my original cassetes to sd)

    Over here i have the same issue with both KCS and Final card III when using the 1541u2+ with the C64 Reloaded mk2.

    The freezer function it self works perfect, but its just that the screen is garbled.

    When i choose the machinecode monitor in the KCS mene, it gives me the machinecode monitor and from then on it simply works again without any artifacts.

    I used different CPU's VIC II's (PAL) and other IC's with different dates 65xx and 85xx sets and combinations. It simply doesnt work with any setting/configuration.

    Cards like the action replay work as intended.

    My best gues is that it has something to with the screenmode (char rom in freezer card memory maybe). But afcource i could be very wrong :D

    On the TC64v2 all the freezer cards work as expected without any corruption. Ans since i personally prefer the TC64.. i totaly forgot about it.

    Needless to say, no issues on my original c64's with both cards.

    My best gues is that the keyboard isnt supporting the PS/2 protocoll like robinsonb5 mentioned. Maybe you can find this out by looking up the manual.

    About the colors, i realy dont know. I'm using a real mechanical PS/2 keyboard and usb mouse.

    I recognize this from the video. I had this when i was trying to configure the Indi on my a1200 after i had done a clean installation of os 3.1.4 and then trying to import my settings. For some reason it wouldnt import my custom VGA modes. At that point i had the same artifacts as in youre video, but they seemed more constant only at the top of the screen, mostly in the white icons of directories.

    After i did a compleet reset of the settings and reflashed the indi, everything went back to normal without these artifacts. After this 'reset' i setup my indi again.

    I now use a 800x600 for all modes and set it to be exact 50hz (i dont use 1280x512), this way switching from interlaced to non-interlaced sweems smoother too.

    Ow, i'm using an Original light weight commodore a500 psu (recapped).

    Is the SD adapter from delock?

    If it is, then I think i'm using the exact same adapter.

    For me this adapter works flawless in both my amiga 1200's with IDE speeder set to the maximum speed. Sysinfo gives me 6553600 bytes per second.

    I'm using an aca1233n (68ec030@40Mhz)+RapidRoad and tested the IDE speeder on both my amiga 1200's (rev 1d4 : Normal use and rev 2b, spare, tested for some hours).

    Both are recapped with the 4 resistors still in place (no need to remove, there running stable, no issues at all), modulator is removed in favor of an indivision aga mk2cr.

    For power i use an original recapped commodore a500 PSU with 4.5 amps on the 5v.

    And afcource i'm using kickstart 3.1.4 and os 3.1.4 on all my amiga's.

    Well there several options :

    - Create an image with winuae from youre CF with a card reader

    - Make a copy to the second CF card

    - Copy it over with the xsurf500 to youre nas or pc.

    Note that most NAS servers and all windows pc's cant store filenames like 'aux' since its a reserved name, and there are more things like this.

    This is why lha is youre friend!

    Personally i have a backup with winuae, but al my files like mods, images, sourcecode etc. are on my NAS (had to activate smb1). This way i can use them on all my amiga's and from emulation.

    Suddenly I dont feel that alone at still ordering a new ribbon for my MPS-803 last month ;)

    I didnt experienced any problems with printing/drive, but then i only tried printing in Geos and only used this with one emulated drive (so not a true comparisation to the initial issue, but maybe related.)

    Now i tried printing from basic, and still no issue as long as i manualy start the program.

    But then i tried the filebrowser to execute a simple basic program to print 2 lines and this changed some things.

    When using plain c64, so TC with one emulated drive, no card , no turbo, only the second line is printed when executed from the TC menu, even when adding a fair ammount of delay in the first line. But not "device not found" error on printer or drive.

    When using turbo mode (full speed), both lines are printed. Drive acces to emulated drive still ok.

    I tested both about 30 times, with reset, without reset etc. The outcome is exactly the same on every try.

    I also noticed that when i use "1-4 to start with cartridge , "reset to basic" or "reset to cartridge" that a reset is send over the serial, (the printer realligns the head as if just turned on).

    When using autostart, it seems that there is no reset over the serial port since the printer isnt doing a reset.

    Afcource there is a reset after initial power-up of the c64

    In all cases i used the serial port on the C64 Reloaded MK2 (latest firmware), firmware version of the TC is Beta-9i. Printer : Commodore MPS-803.

    If needed, i can test this next week with some realdrives, still have several Commodore drives "some where in the attic" together with an original commodore 64c.