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    I think all ported games for the SuperCPU will take advantage of the TC.

    (There is a website dedicated to this subject, but i dont know if its allowed to put the URL here …, but its easy to google ;-)

    Some games like TestDrive will benefit, Some early 3d games are ported to the C64 to and only run on a accelerated c64 (doom, wolfenstein)

    I tried several monitors from LG and samsung and some tv's from Samsung, Telefunken and LG, al give me ghosting. I have no benq to try..

    When i install my old indivision ECS, i see no ghosting at all. I think i can safely say that things like the amiga itself and the PSU are ruled out.

    The ghosting is most obvious some centimeters to the right. When looking realy good its there for about 1/3 of the screen width.

    Its most noticeble with the standard workbench 3.1 colors and no backdrop.

    When i put the background color to black, i also see no ghosting, only 1 extra pixel when a horizontal row of white pixels is used.

    If i start AIBB i see no ghosting. But the intro of turrican 3 i see ghosting . The background is dark gray, not black, all moving parts here give more or less ghosting.

    In the intro of brion the lion i see no ghosting, i expected to see due to the high contrast of the moving tekst. Again no ghosting with black a background.


    Yesterday i recieved my Indivision ECS V2 :). I replaces the original Indivision ECS with the new one in my amiga 500.

    First thing i noticed is "ghosting".

    Note that i dont have this issue with my Indivision ECS V1 with the exact same setup.

    Some details:

    - I use normally a custom build PSU , but also tried an original recapped commodore amiga 500 PSU.

    - The VGA cable is a high quality one (short in length , shielded and with ferret coils).

    The rest of the setup :

    - ACA500+

    - X-Surf-500

    - ACA1233n

    - RTC

    Afcource i also tried without any other extentions and with other monitors and cables.

    Using scanline emulation its less noticeble, but this does not help in interlaced mode.

    When reinstalling my old indivision the ghosting is gone.

    At the moment i'm clueless what's causing the ghosting. Some one any idea what i can try?

    Hi davidpgil,

    The 8562 is NTSC, the 8565 is PAL-B.

    I have 2 C64R2 PAL setups :

    1 with 8565R? VIC II, 6581R4 , 8580R5 and 8500 cpu

    1 with 6569R3 VIC II, 6581R4AR , 8580R5, and 6510 cpu

    Both have 6526s cia's.

    Both systems are perfect stable, no strange things after hours of use, but the 65xx VICII and SID seems to get warmer (i dont know exact measurements, just by feeling). The 6510 and 8500 don't get that warm.

    So i don't experience any stability things with the 65x or 85xx setup (exept for the 6569R1 VICII, i have 2 and get realy hot and instable after an hour or so)

    I think it comes more to personal preference, just like the SID sound.

    My personal preferences is the 8565 when using svideo on my sony TN-A14-PN CRT monitor. With the 6569 i see the coloured columns.

    With my 1084s monitor i have to use composiet, then i prefer the 6569 (no white dots in some games/demo's).Coloured columns are hardly noticible. Screen is still very good!

    No, the 2-monitor mode is not supported any more.

    It's in the product description, so sure, this is correct. This applies especially to the A603, where the Apollo accelerator would conflict with Indivision ECS V2.

    Thanx for the reply.

    Already had my suspicion … when studying the images i also see no socket for Denise, but can be relocated afcource. I will see when he arives , monitor with vsync support is already waiting to be used;)

    Something tells me that if using an amiga 1200 accelerator in an amiga 600 requires the removal of the floppy drive ...

    It would be very nice if it is possible to use the external floppy connector as df0: as with the ACA500plus (without soldering). Maybe a rapidroad will fit then too ;).


    Yesterday i ordered the Indivision ECS V2 :)

    But i have one question i didn't find in the description (or maybe i have overseen it).

    Can the Indivision ECS V2 be piggy bagged to use 2 monitors like the earlier model? And if so is it possible to mix the indivision V1 with the indivision V2?


    First of al, i realy like the x-surf-500 and the aca-500! When the Indivision ECS V2 arives i realy have my dream amiga 500 :)

    About the WHDLoad crashes and the X-surf-500 :

    Most of the time WHDLoad crashes when the X-Surf-500 is online, so offline we have to go for most games/demo's. (I actually wanted to run these games over a networkshare, some worked, some not)

    Some games like Turrican III can also crash when the x-surf is offline and my aca1233n is connected. This didnt happen before the X-Surf-500 was added.

    Solution that seems to work is to go to the config of WHDLoad (sys:s/WHDLoad.prefs) and uncomment "NoAutoVec".

    With an ACA1233(n) ibrowse is running acceptable an a Amiga 500 for accessing sites like Aminet, (put the jpeg and png encoding to external, internal requires an FPU).

    By the way, a great use of the X-Surf is to make proper backups to an external NAS or SAN (turn on SMB1). I also acces my documents and source codes over a netshare.

    Works like a charm^^ The speed of transfer is really good. Working with netshares (smbfs) is really comfortable. I hardly notice the difference and it gives me infinite storage too ;)