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    Didnt find any better place to ask. There is one thing i simple dont now about the original PSU's.

    I have several of the following commodore PSU's :

    - A500 4.5 Amp as 5volt 1 Amp on 12 volt

    - A300 (A1200/A600) with 3 Amp on 5 volt and 500 mAmp on 12 volt.

    Should i use the A500 model on an A1200 with Rapid road, ACA1233 and Indivision AGA MK2 or can i just as safe use the original A300 psu as supplied by commodore for the A1200?

    Mostly i read that the 4.5Amp is preferred when extra hardware like an accelerator is added. But i can also imagine that modern hardware like the ACA1233 use less power to operate as long as the PSU is in good maintained condition.

    If this is the case, then i will get the A300 PSU recapped too.

    Ehh, i used a 32gb cf as amiga harddisk for my 3.1 set-up.

    The installer from the aca500 will take care of the pfs part if you want an easy installation.

    Only the first partition has to be under the first 4gb as far i know.

    I say used because i installed a 3.1.4 rom (wanted to have the real roms) with wb 3.1.4.


    I took my complete setup to the store for a new monitor since they couldnt tell me if it would work ^^

    I got home with a Iiyama gmaster (g2530hsu). It works on all my amiga's (Indi ECs V1/V2 and AGA, CVS64-3d and spectrum 24) and also on my chameleon, but on the chameleon i have very big borders on top and bottom on this screen.

    Only downside i have is that it doesnt support 4/3 aspect ratio. But the image is in my opinion perfect , exept for some sort of ghosting when connected to the Indi ECSV2


    Most whdload games wont work with the x-surf500 active.

    Before i start a game, i stop the network first and then wait a few seconds before i start a whdload game or demo.

    Some demo's work. Initially i wanted to play my games/demo's from a fileshare. I found that some demos worked , some stopped after pressing a key or mouse button. My best gues is that some interrupt or other amiga resources are used that WhdLoad is depending on ..

    By the way Most native HD games/applications do work over a fileshare.

    I think thats depending on personal preference and use case.

    Personally i wouldnt by it for my amiga. there almost as expensive as a free sync game monitor that will accept the input form the indi at 50Hz.


    I have one (konig) and tried it. It sort of works on a Indivision.

    It works for me on the default settings (maybe this can very on different firmware?) . The image it self is ok, but VGA sync wont work, also tweaking a bit and the screen go's black. So screen tearing you have..

    For me this is a no go. But i',m using it on my CVS64/3d, altough some modes dont work too.

    On my screens (JVC TM-A14PN and Philips CM8833) i see no difference in colors when using the same VICII revisions.

    But when i compare a 6569R1 to for example a 6569R3, the colors are different (this is expected).

    As far as i can tel the lumafix only reduces the 'colum defect', i use this in my old breadbin.

    Hi, did you try the 'power' switch on the keyrah? Down is for emulators.

    I didnt try this on a PI,, only on my pc with vice, but normally this should configure the keyboard mapping for emulater use

    The sd2iec, works perfectly together with the TC64... (but i assume you already know ;) )

    This way i have the benefits of both :

    - The direct SD acces of the sd2iec for bigger or more files then a 1541 can handle.

    - Everything else from the TC64.

    Only reason for me to unplug the TC64 is, if i have to use the datasette since there is no option to turn the TC64 off (or i have missed something).


    Hmm, indeed on 1024x768@60Hz (and higher resolutions like 1280x1024) i see the same. Its like a horizontal line is duplicated and displayed at the most left position. I can only test these modes on 60Hz

    Never noticed this since i personally prefer 800x600 (with VSync = 50Hz). In this mode , everything is perfect here without the extra "add on" ;).

    Turning Vsync off or using an other scaling method doesnt seem to matter, but the frequency does. When i use 60Hz i see the extra line on the left side again.

    I dont know youre setup, region , settings etc, but maybe you can give a 50hz screen mode a try to see if this works for you too?

    Used setups :

    - C64 Reloaded MK2 (with 8569R3, 6581R4, 8580R5,2x 6522 and 8500) + TC64V2, no other hardware added.

    - C64G, same configuration as the reloaded except for the stereo sid.


    I was using a dvd-rom drive (with his own power supply!) on my deneb and rapid-road (A1200/A500). Works like a charm.

    But since all my amiga's have a network adapter, its rearly used. I just mount what i need over my network with smbfs. This is just as fast and also great to make a backup to a NAS or PC. Works great, but not for WHDLoad, some games/demo's will work, some not.

    I also did use ZIP and JAZ in the past for backups, but they become more unreliable now. And this way i dont need them any more.

    AGA has more bandwith, so it can acces memory faster. This can be a good benefit for games and on WorkBench applications.

    Indeed, RTG runs smoother, even on 24bit color (if I compare AGA vs CVS64/3D on my a4000t/060). But i suspect there is even more FPGA space needed to implement this.

    I think all ported games for the SuperCPU will take advantage of the TC.

    (There is a website dedicated to this subject, but i dont know if its allowed to put the URL here …, but its easy to google ;-)

    Some games like TestDrive will benefit, Some early 3d games are ported to the C64 to and only run on a accelerated c64 (doom, wolfenstein)