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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    I did some more testing. On my a500 and a1200 (both with aca1233n@40Mhz) it crashed when using the driver of the DB9 to USB device.

    On my a4000t with 060 accelerator however, i noticed that everything went just very slow. Took ages to move the mouse cursor just a bit.

    This was testen on just plain OS3.2 install, no other things exept for this driver installed and the needed libraries for the 060.

    Btw, im not blaming anyone, i think in my case its simply the combination of OS3.2 and the software and maybe even the firmware for this particuler device.

    I have a well known usb to db9 adapter. It got the same issue, while the rapidroad is simply working like under os 3.1(.4)

    This confirms atleast that poseidon works as expected under 3.2 (rapid road on my a1200 and deneb on my a4000t).

    I dont think it say's to much about the scroolwheel function too since it can be a driver issue for this device, but maybe it makes it more plausible that something has changed since scrollwheel wasnt natively supported before 3.2(?)

    I have installed os 3.2 too, the installation of the network software gave me no issues. But the icomp fileshare didnt work for me too. It just told me the network couldnt be started (vanilla OS 3.2, with only drivers/software for all the icomp stuff inside and outside, no extra's installed yet).

    Do you get this message too?

    What i did was to edit the file "Mount icomp" and remarkt from the "failat 20" till the "else"(first 5 rows) and then the last "EndIf"(last row) with a ;.

    Afcource this is not a best practice, because you dont get warnings, but i only mount when needed to get in install or update. And most important, it works.

    Another reasen could be that there is no internet connection, but you mention you got it to work exept for the fileshare. This can be checked easely with an ping to from the CLI in case you have no browser installed

    Hope this helps, its realy a nice network card for the amiga.

    Thanx for the tip, didnt think of debrick mode. So i gave it a try and it gives me a "0_".

    But the amiga wont boot after a keyboard reset ;(

    The system did hang but wasnt turned off, the workbech just freezed. Didnt feel anything when inserting the card, just wnet in smooth. I know from my old canon camera that you feel a bit more force when inserting if a pin is bent (no good guider in the cam), but then the pins are thin and my hand are big.. so probebly happend, but unnoticed


    My ACA500+ just stoped working. The only thing it does at the moment is that the Dismo lits up for a brief moment, together with the small led on the same PCD the dismo is on, then nothing ... The green LED on the X-Surf 500 comes to live,

    It happend while swaping a CF in the AUX slot. I checked the slot, no bend pins as for as i can see . Also the orientation is correct, its sitting in my a500+ for 3 years now.

    Used hardware : Amiga 500+ (batery changed for cel-coin, leakage oid)) 1mb extra ram, CA-PSU, Indivision ECS V2

    Any idea i can try exept for cleaning the expantion slot (done that)? Or can i just asume its broken.. in that case the question is, is it worth repair?

    Also note 720x576 is not a standard Mode, even less so at 50Hz or even with VIC sync enabled. This *will* not work on some (or even most) Monitors.

    Standard or not, i'm realy happy that you have added this mode! On my IIyama syncmaster the image is absolute perfect with vsync on.

    Since its a new mode the screen uses automatic adjust, and no need for any manual adjustment :).

    Wheater was indeed extreme, here compleet highways and villages are flooded (Limburg, holland). They where even jetskying, just on the streets :)

    Well you have to make the best of it, as long as my amiga's are safe ;)

    From a user perspective its work as expected with a (wireless) mouse, and lowpower USB stick in the C64R-Mk2

    I dont see any negative effect (screen, audio, crashes..)

    The failsafe for power usage seems to work too, it rejected my USB joystick and some USB sticks too with a flashing lite that indicates to much current. Think you need a realy basic usb joystick to get this to work

    Only downside for me is that i cant use the TC64 with the mssiah card te get easy disk acces and VGA out..


    I want to hookup my Fantomg8 to my c64 with a mssiah card, and i noticed that they also have a device called 'SavYour' that can be used to connect USB mice and joysticks (i'm not interested in the 1541 part..).

    Does anybody have any experience with this combination on a C64R-MKII? The Mssiah card works perfect (already tried one from a friend), but i find the Savyour interesting too, but dont know if this is save to use on the C64MKII.

    According to the documentation it has some safety messures to not 'overload' the joystick port of the C64

    I know this is not an icomp product, but hopefully someone can tel me if its safe to use or not on the C64-reloaded..

    Best regards