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    I've retrofitted 3 Meanwell RT-50B power supplies in 3 heavyweight A500 power bricks, that I am using with :

    1. Amiga 600 with Furia 020 accelerator, Indivision ECS, and IDE CF adapter

    2. Amiga 500 with ACE-2, ACA500+, ACA1221ec @ 42MHz (with heatsink), X-Surf 500, Indivision ECS.

    3. Amiga 500+ with TerribleFire TF530 @ 40 MHz

    4. Amiga 1200 with ACA1233n accelerated to highest warrantied speed.

    5. Amiga 500 with ACA500+ @ 21MHz and sometimes 28MHz.

    In all cases, those power supplies have performed absolutely brilliantly so far without an issue. The only issue I've ever had was a system hang once on the Amiga500+ with TF530, but that could have been due to something else completely unrelated to power.


    I do tend to agree that ECS V2's setup tool is quite counter-intuitive to use and complicated.

    Upon reading the docs over and over and over again, I somehow managed to luckily get the 640x512 PAL Laced setting to display properly on my LCD monitor, and I left it at that without further trying to try other stuff, in fear of losing that setting.

    One of my Amiga 500 is a rev 5, and it came with an OCS Agnus, which I assume yours does as well. The cheapest way for you would be to acquire an ECS Agnus PAL or NTSC and swap it out. You can then use your ACA500plus software menu to enable 1MB chipmem since you have that 512KB trapdoor expansion.

    You can acquire that chip quite easily on ebay, but you will need a chip puller to swap it out, it's a bit finicky and requires some skills and manhandling.

    I am trying the acaswitchcpu command. When run without any arguments, it reboots fine into the CF card with the host CPU 68020.

    But when given the command 'nm' (acacpuswitch nm) , the computer tries to reboot but gets stuck at the very beginning, black screen. The only way out is a cold reset.

    The aca1233n is bone stock without any mod but an RTC module installed on the MB clockport.

    Any ideas?


    your original A500 kickstart v1.3 is 256Kb, whereas the new kickstart v3.1.4 is 512Kb. Each ROM slot in the ACA500plus is designed to hold 256Kb worth of data. But if you copy a 512Kb kickstart to the ACA500plus ROM, it will just use 2 slots.

    you cannot load 3.1.4 into the ACA500plus as standard install, but you can certainly use it to install WB3.1.4.

    I have done that and it works great.

    You first need to flash a new rom into one of the available ROM slots in the ACA. (well it will use 2 slots, as it is 512Kb).
    You can use the acaflash tool for that.

    Once that's slotted in, you create a new advanced configuration in the F10 menu and select that ROM, and then either boot from the WB3.1.4 floppies and continue from there with the CF card formatting, WB install, etc... , or simply use WinUAE on your PC to create a WB3.1.4 CF card, and then you can just pop it in in your Boot CF Card slot and boot from there.

    Below my current 3.1.4 custom setup.

    Good luck

    It may sound like a simple thing to do, but I learned not to rate the difficulty level until I get feedback from the people who actually implement it :-)

    you, sir, are spot on 200% correct on this :)

    I'm still loving the ACA500plus by the way! I'm awaiting the new IndivisionECS to have even more fun with my old Amiga 500. And who knows, if I'm lucky I'll even add an accelerator and an X-surf to it.

    The ACA500+ is awesome. I have the ACE-2 2MB chip upgrade, along with aca500+, aca1221ec, RTC, and X-Surf 500, along with Indivision ECS. Running WB3.1.4 KS3.1.4 @ 42MHz (passive cooling) in PAL hires 8 colors, and the machine works like a charm.


    Is it possible at the same time to have one LCD monitor connected to the VGA port of the Indivision ECS, while having a CRT monitor hooked up to the RGB DB23 port ?

    I understand I will get the same display on both screens. I just wanted to know if it is doable for comparison purposes, or is it just one or the other type thing ?