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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    I know I've been saying this for way too long, but there will be an A1000-specific expansion that takes care of the nasty chipram problem, and of course it'll be geared towards the mechanical specialties of the A1000.

    much looking forward to this. Thank you.

    I have a PSU tester in the works that displays the voltage accuracy and maybe also ripple "at a glance". I plan to include this for free with every order, so every Amiga owner will have an easy way to see if a PSU is in spec or not.

    This is just awesome Jens. Would be an invaluable tool for us. Thank you.

    Hi Jens,

    I own 2 X-Surf 500 cards, both of them working fine, but the first one gives a green LED activity light, whereas the 2nd one gives a red LED activity light. Both are connected to the same network, on the same switch, and with same type of cable.

    Is that normal behavior, or a cause of concern?

    I'll be using it on the newer ACA500plus (which I already am).

    What I was trying to do is create a master "template" AmigaOS install for all my Amiga machines, which has all my favorite software already installed so I don't have to install on a case-by-case basis.

    I do understand about licensing requirements, so if that's the case only for the XSurf500 software, I'm okay with manually installing it on that particular machine only.


    I had purchased my X-Surf 500 on Nov.25th 2018 (over a year ago), and I am trying to re-download the software through my Order History page, but it says 'Download Expired'.

    How should I go about re-downloading?

    Best regards


    Before plugging on of my ACA1233n (26 and 40MHz versions), I was running stable 28MHz on my ACA500plus, everything working just fine.

    When plugging in the ACA1233n and using it inside the ACA500plus boot menu, everything works fine as well (26Mhz or 40MHz depending on the card I have.

    The issue arises when I chose to disable the ACA1233n in the boot menu, returning the Amiga to the host 68000 processor. The machine does not boot in 28MHz at all (it gives a 'D9' error on the DiSMo). When I use 21MHz, it boots just fine, and when inside workbench, I can press the DiSMo button to increase the speed back to 28MHz and everything works ok.

    I have tried this in both my ACA1233n cards and also on different A500 machines and all reproduce the same problem.

    Any ideas?

    I agree that without an ACA500+, it's quite hard to make use of an Amiga 500 these days. That piece of hardware gives you a lot to play with.

    I remember back in the days when I purchased a sidecar hard drive for my A500, I was thinking how did I live without that until now.

    Yes floppies/Gotek are great and I still use them, until you get bored with them which is rather quickly :)


    I read online that in order for kickstarts v3.1 and 3.1.4 to be stable on the Amiga 500 and +, one needs to make sure to have Resistor Packs RP106 and RP107 installed on the motherboard.

    I assume that the ACA500+ already takes care of this ?

    This mod is only necessary if using the A500(+) standalone without the ACA500+?



    1. you will get 512Kb only, as Agnus 8371 cannot address more than 512.

    2. yes putting an Agnus 8372a will get you to 1MB of chip ram as long as you select that option in the ACA500+ boot menu (which will now become available, whereas before with the 8371 it was unavailable).

    3. Yes WHDLoad will work with only 512 of chip, but make sure you read the info file on the game you want to play, to see how much chip ram it needs.



    no, the one that is giving me problems is the one that has the updated 0.135 menu version. The aca500plus that works fine had the older latest menu version, which I since updated to 0.135, but i didn't try to replicate the problem on it.

    i will do so when I get home.