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    I am using an RT-50B, but I did try with an original A500 PSU, and I get the same problem. If I remove the ACA500plus completely, I get a full green screen on boot. If I remove the external gotek it all works fine.

    Could the ACE2 be the source of any issues, since a green boot is an Agnus or RAM related issue usually ? I did run a full mem test on the 2MB chip ram using SysTest and everything checks out okay.

    I'm a bit at a loss here.

    I have no problems with booting on my self-burned 3.1.4 EPROM. The Furia acts normal and all works wonderfully. The only rather small issue I have is that the PCMCIA slot sometimes takes very long to recognize a CF card FAT95 formatted, and it only recognizes one specific card. The other CF cards I have are not recognized.

    I also completely self recapped the A600, because 2 of the electrolytic capacitors near the RF modules leaked, causing nasty corrosion around the area. It was so bad that the transistor that gives the red signal to the monitor fell out, so I had to take much time cleaning the whole thing out, and replace everything.

    I had acquired recently this A600 through a private transaction in France, obviously the first owner didn't know much about this stuff.

    In my A600, I mounted a Furia accelerator, a CF card adapter, an A604n, an RTC, and an Indivision ECS in it, and also managed to secure the vga connector on the backplate of the A600 where the RF module is (it fits just perfectly), but you will need obviously to desolder and remove the RF. If you are still using that piece of equipment, really my hats off to you ;-)

    If you need a pic of the inside and back of my setup, i'll be happy to post.


    perfect then I will stick to my 40MHz version. As I have 2 cards (one inside my 1200 and one attached to an ACA500+, I will send both cards for upgrade, when you tell me to.


    it is not a problem for me to send the card back to you. My question to you is: is it possible for an additional fee of course to swap my card for a 55MHz one with new features?

    Any ideas what might be causing this, Jens ? I'd much rather have the RTC sit on the ACA1233n where it looks much more at home than on the ACA500plus.

    In any case, I would just like to understand why this is happening, is part of the ACA1233n not being recognized by the ACA500plus upon cold boot-up when it gets to the boot menu ?


    Yes a battery is installed and working fine. As a matter of fact, the RTC module was working perfectly fine every bootup with the ACA1221ec connected to the ACA500plus.

    When I switched to the ACA1233n, I moved the RTC module with it. I am indeed using manual setting (1221 Accel. in the menus), but still, upon first bootup, the RTC is not recognized. It is only after a reset that it stays recognized for the remainder of the session. Until a power down.

    Yes, and Yes.

    Just remember that if you disable the ACA1233n in the ACA500plus menu to use the 68000 host CPU, you will only get the ACA500plus RAM, the RAM on the 1233n will be disabled.

    As the title says, I have an Amiga 500 Rev 6a with ACE-2 2MB chip, with the new ACA500plus and ACA1233n connected to it. The RTC Module is properly installed on the ACA1233n, and in the ACA500plus boot menu, I have selected A1200 Accel both in the Global F8 menu and the local F10 profile menu. Still, when the computer is first powered on, the module is not seen, and when Workbench 3.1.4 boots up, I can go in the Time Prefs and set the time properly and save, and then when I reset the ACA500plus the RTC shows the module installed.

    I have tried the Global and Autodetect settings, but these don't seem to work at all.

    Any ideas?


    I, too, am having problems with the ACA1233n/40 and ACASwitchCPU installed on my A1200. The card works perfectly fine, but when I run ACASwitchCPU and chose to disable the onboard memory, the computer gets stuck on a black screen just when it starts rebooting.

    If I keep the memory enabled, the computer reboots fine and shows the onboard 68020 and slightly less than. 8MB useable fast RAM which is normal.

    I, too, would like to get the A1200 back to its stock state without having to remove the card, if possible.

    I tried disabling the MMU and it still does nothing.

    My software configuration is v3.1.4 with BestWB updated to 1.1 (it's already pre-installed with MMU). I installed ACA1233n software afterwards, to make sure it updated the MMU configuration.

    Any extension readable by the Amiga can be put on the FAT32-formatted CF card. LHA, LZX, ADF, text, images, etc....

    When you insert the CF card into the AUX slot, a hard disk icon will appear on your workbench, just like any other hard disk present.

    It is really a plug and play.


    It would be totally redundant to use the standalone ROM, unless for whatever reason you decide to unplug the ACA00plus and run your A500.

    You don't really need the GoTek external kit, unless you want to run ADF floppies from it and be 100% like old times with your floppy reader.

    The ACA500plus can read FAT32 formatted PC cards, and that's what I use to transfer files between my PC and Amiga.

    The ACA500plus has 2 CF slots: the right one is the Amiga formatted boot drive, the left AUX one can be either PC or Amiga formatted. If PC formatted, it can be hotplugged and out. If Amiga formatted, it cannot be hotplugged.


    1. Yes the ECS V2 will work with all those products installed. No reason why it shouldn't. My rev 6a has just that same configuration and works like a charm.

    2. ECS V2 says in stock for immediate delivery on icomp's shopping site. Is it not so?

    3. You can certainly do it whichever way you want. But if I were you, I'd first install the ACE-2, do a reboot to ensure you at least see the ROM splashscreen (that should tell you the ACE-2 is well seated. if not, you might see a solid color screen appear). I would then proceed with the ECS-V2, and finally the easiest of them all, the ACA500plus.