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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    The grounding screw is in its place.

    I have tested without startup-sequence and Sysinfo, same results as earlier.

    Probably its dead, i have used it for over four years and the A600 is recaped two months ago and all has been working great until now.


    OK. Its nothing i have measured but i tested it with sysinfo (i know its not accurate) and that says 7MHz.

    And the reason i tested is that i cant use all the memory and its slow (fells slower than a stock 600) and its freezing very often.

    kind regards/Micke

    Hello from Sweden.

    Today my 600 crashed and refused to start.

    I started it if I did not use acatune for maprom and maxmem but it runs only in 7Mhz but found as a 68EC020 and finds those 5Mbyte memory without maxmem.

    What could have happened?

    // Mike