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    Could it be that you're trying with an external CF card?

    I must admit, I initially only tested with a PCMCIA CF card reader, but I've now tested with the PCMCIA NIC as well. The complete model I'm using is 3Com Megahertz 10 Mbps LAN PC Card 3CCE589ET. If I test a custom memory range in ATK from e.g. 0x00600000 to 0x0060FFFF it report RAM errors, when the NIC is installed. I've also tried same test for other addresses in the range 0x00600000 to 0x9FFFFF, but all tests unfortunately fails, when NIC is installed. If NIC is not installed the memory test is running without any problems.

    If the jumper is set to de-brick, I could try to reduce to 4M as well.

    That would be an awesome solution! Cross my fingers that it will work :)

    Hi Jens,

    I'm also having problems getting my ACA1211 to play nice with PCMCIA - both a CF card and a 3COM 3c589 NIC. Configuration for ACA1211 is set with 'Keep PCMCIA' option selected in acatool.

    First issue I experience is that doing a cold boot with either PCMCIA card installed, will cause the A1200 to boot into 3.1.4 floppy load screen instead of booting from my IDE-drive. If I load ATK in this state, ACA1211 memory is detected.

    If I do a warm boot with either PCMCIA installed, the A1200 boots into Workbench from my IDE-drive and 3.2 in mapROM. If I load ATK in this state, ACA1211 memory is detected.

    Collectively for both issues is that the Exec->MemList reports 8MB memory available from 0x200000 to 0x9FFFFF, but this overlaps the PCMCIA area from 0x600000 to 0x9FFFFF. The result is Guru mediation or crashes/freeze when e.g. unpacking a LHA-file from CF card to RAM: or when using AWeb to browse

    Is there any possible way of getting ACA1211 to only autoconfig memory from 0x200000 to 0x5FFFFF, when 'Keep PCMCIA' is selected in acatool? I would much rather have less RAM to play with when I use PCMCIA, than not being able to use PCMCIA at all.

    Best regards,