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    Final update: all done. WB3.2 installed and working. Things I learned here:

    1. As unlikely as it sounds, the Buddha firmware somehow got corrupted between when the board was manufactured and the DOM loaded, and when I plugged it into my A2000. I don't really understand how this can happen but re-flashing seems like it should be an early troubleshooting step not a late one.

    2. It's a bit weird that the LED pins are the opposite of what the A2000 case LED is. I'm not sure if this is because other cases are wired differently but it's a small thing that should be more clearly pointed out, perhaps on the instruction sheet.

    Otherwise, I'm delighted. This thing is seriously fast! From power on to workbench in seconds.

    After re-flashing, I installed WB3.1. It appeared to install correctly. However after rebooting (and power cycling) I just get stuck on a grey screen. You can see the SD-IDE drive LED work briefly but then it hangs. I'm running KS 3.1.4 in this case.

    Booting from floppy, I can see the DOM and the SD-IDE drive in HDToolbox. However the SD-IDE drive shows as "unknown".

    * Update, I tried WB 1.3 and booted successfully from KS 1.3. I also tried WB 2.1/KS 2.0 and it worked.

    * Update 2, I reinstalled 3.1 and now booting from KS 3.2 and KS 3.1.4 *almost* works, getting "Please insert a volume containing LIBS/icon.library in any drive"... progress. I also figured out how to wire the LED, it's the opposite of how the connector in the case is wired. Top pin black, middle pin red.

    Hi I just received my brand-new Buddha 20th anniversary board and I followed the instructions in the package, putting it into a Zorro slot of my A2000 (the correct way) and connecting my IDE SD adaptor. Upon powering up, the DOM does not boot and I'm just stuck at the "insert disk" screen.

    I was wondering if the Buddha hardware was at fault but in the early boot 3.2, the autoconfig enumeration shows vendor 4626 product 0, address $00E90000, 64KB size and status "OK". It also shows my A2630 68030 board with its 4MB RAM. Since the A2630 uses Zorro, I'm assuming that the Zorro bus is working.

    Here are the troubleshooting steps I took:

    - Checked the Buddha jumpers. The DOM-side jumper is set (as from the factory) and the other one is not (again, as from the factory).

    - Removed the IDE drive and booted with only the DOM

    - Tried booting using KS 1.3, 2.0, 3.1.4 and 3.2 ROMs

    - Tried 68000 and 68030 modes on the A2630 and also removed the A2630 completely

    - Although I knew I hadn't inserted the board the wrong way, I checked the "resistor of shame" anyway - it shows 22 ohms

    - Sprayed contact cleaner in the Zorro slots

    - Booted an install floppy and ran HDToolBox with SCSI_DEVICE_NAME=buddhascsi.device in the tool types. No drives found.

    - Connected the "hard drive" LED on the A2000 to the buddha both ways - red wire up (front IDE) and red wire down (DOM) but it does not light up for any activity

    This A2000 came with a Varta battery that was *just* about to leak and I removed it immediately and replaced it with a coin cell w/disabled recharging. I haven't seen any signs of damage on the board but at this point, I'm not sure I can rule it out.

    Any suggestions on next steps?