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    I tried moving the CPU sideways with the ZIF socket locked but it did not work, Finally, I swapped the CIA's and the cursor showed up, so the problem is the CIA.

    Thank toy for replying to my query

    Thank you again for your reply. Yes, I use the power supply which I received with Reloaded.

    To be crystal clear, I have a C64c with one socketed 6526A 4989 2161A on a rev A PCB, I can swap it with the CIA socketed on the Reloaded PCB next to the Joystick port correct?

    I will look for the sticker on the PCB and post the warranty ID later.

    Hi Jens and Tobias. Thank you for replying to my query. Yes, I bought the board with all the chips installed. I received the confirmation of the Reloaded MK1 order by email on the 16th of August 2015, which I will forward to you by email. As you can see in the image below, even though I tried booting without the SID, the cursor did not show. I can send you a short video with the ZIF socket pushed down while I lift and place the SID inside the ZIF socket several times. However, after opening and closing the ZIF socket a number of times, it's now locking the SID when I push it downwards. I can't understand the reason for this, I hope that it keeps locking.

    I can't find the warranty ID, on the receipt, instead, I found the order number, which is ID7221. One of the reasons for the cursor not showing is because of the 6526 CIA socketed on the right next to the joystick port correct? On social media, I read that the two CIA'S can be swapped is the correct? As per my previous post, two days ago when I turned on the Reloaded it displayed the blu screen with a light blue border without the text. After resetting several times the welcome screen with the usual text showed up without the courser. Another strange thing is, press play on tape text displayed on the screen, and I had not typed load. I had the same results when tried booting without the keyboard.

    Thank you so much Tobias for your suggestions. I did the following procedures. However, the cursor is still not showing. My reloaded MK1 is from the first batch, which I bought with all the IC's within the PCB board. I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know what can I do to fix it. Another thing, all the ZIF sockets lock by pressing them down but the SID chip locks by pulling upwards, is this normal?

    What I've done

    I unplugged the power and video cables

    I wore an anti-static wrist strap

    Moved the IC's sideways several times on the ZIF sockets

    I reseated all the socketed IC's with an IC puller

    I tried booting without the SID chip

    I did not use isopropyl

    I rarely use my MK1 and it always worked fine. However, today I had some free time and when I turned it on, first only the blue screen with the darker blue border showed, after resting several times the welcome screen showed up without the courser. Another strange thing is, press play on tape text showed up, and I did not type load. Finally, I reseated all the IC without success. I noticed that I'm not the first person to have these issues. Instead of moving the chips sidewaysIs, is it ok if use isopropyl alcohol or Tuner 600 contact cleaner as I am a bit concerned that I might damage the chips?