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    Thank you for the reply. So far the CF operation in the Buddha is working fine despite the Zorro PCB not being to electrical spec.

    I checked the version and it is 52.101 so I won't attempt to re -flash it. I copied CacheCDFS to L directory still having an issue, I will investigate further in the next few days. I still can see the correct drive when using FindDevice but got a warning when reinstalling the CD drive software, I will make a note of the message this evening.


    I have installed a new Buddha into an Amiga 500+ in a Checkmate 1500+ case with Zorro breakout PCB. It is working fine after installing the drivers and I have it working with a CF card with an adapter plugged right into the Budddha. I also have a CD/DVD ROM connected to the other Buddha IDE port and during installation of the CD drivers I'm having problems.

    When I run Finddevice, and it scans, it does find the correct CD ROM drive which is an LG GS40N. This is a slim SATA interface and I have used an adapter to bring it out to SATA and another adapter to get to IDE. Despite this, it is recognized and I have seen that others have used this same drive successfully.

    When I reboot or try to select "USE" I get the message about the license issue with Elaborate bytes etc, I also saw this message during installation. I have downloaded CacheCDFS but what do I do with it and where must I place it? Hope you can help, thank you.

    PS, I bought the Buhdda earlier this year so assumed it has the latest firmware and have not flashed anything.