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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    ow.. there is a mount option? Oh well, I guess that's just me getting to know the system. :)

    Just wanted to share my enthusiasm a bit.

    No advertising needed BTW. I found out about it searching on for memory expansions which didn't need any mods on the motherboard. And YouTube for the reviews. The shop does the rest...:thumbup:

    Got it to work using my other 3.1 CF card. I think it returned to the start screen because it loaded the default 3.1 ROM from the ACA500plus but I booted I kept the other CF card to remain compatible with the defaults on the ACA500plus so I could do ACA500plus related administration tasks. When booting from that CF card I got the workbench and the install disk. I used TransADF to transfer it to an ADF image to my hot swap CF card. After that I booted into and mounted the image using ImageMount (I believe that one is part of the BestWB package). My Amiga is online now.

    I'm going to buy an IBrowse license now so I have a nice and up to date browsing experience.

    I totally love the ACA500Plus BTW!

    I just bought it. But i did install the network update too. Maybe that was unnecessary? I have another CF card with 3.1, I will try to boot from that one, using the default 3.1 ROM, while running network install. If I see the disk then I have some options.