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    The author is Henry Muller who is German. I have bought this card from him a few years ago. He has send me also the disk with the software. I was thinking installing the card to the A604n v2 using a clockport riser so it can be slightly above A604n.

    Hi, an I have A604n v2 and and allso Indivision Flickerfixer/Scandoubler on my A600. I have an mp3 module which uses the clockport and originaly it was developed for Amiga 1200, I have contact the German manufactuer of the mp3 module and ask him if I can connect the module to A600, He replied that it is possible only if 600 has a card with clockport. I was wondering if I can connect it to A604n v2 in the clockport removing the secondary upper clockport (which connects to the bracket of the floppy). Can I connect and test the mp3 module in that clockport without causing any issue to A604n or Flickerfixer?


    The mp3 module