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    thanks for your help and reply.

    I haven't touch anything in the computer before it's not working.

    The drives are detected on Ubuntu (other HDD on multiboot) and DOS.

    This is not a technical problem.

    It's seems to be a drivers pb.

    But all seems to be well reinstallated.

    Any other ideas ? :-(

    Thx for your help ...


    I have a MK4plus since the beginning.

    She is on a PIV 3.0 Ghz / 2 Go / XP Pro computer.

    Everything was working well.

    BUT, recently, i was wondering if my Kryoflux USB adapter will work on this PC, and since this time, Imagetool can't find my drives (5,25 and 3,5).

    I had deleted and reinstalled the laast drivers version, but the line "Drive" is not workin; I can't select a drive.

    Do you have any idea ?

    Hope to read you soon,