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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Zorro bus yes, DMA no.

    RTG does not require DMA, so a Picasso 2 or similar will work. What won't work is a GVP SCSI controller or the A2091. A Deneb card will have to be set to "PIO mode only". It's going to be a minority of cards that won't work, but I want to provide adequate replacements in terms of "decent performance with iComp's cards".

    We can achieve a decent speed with buddha and the fast ide on the new ACA12xx cards or you have a better solution for mass storage? I know that it is still a lot to come but ..... I suppose that an A2000 with this ACA2000 and a fancy ACA1240 (at least) with an RTG (possibly a zz9000) deserve a decent read/write speed and the Zorro II is not that great at it.

    Just an IDE Controller on board that make the main mass storage like a rocket...please... :-)

    I am joking. I hope to see the masterpiece as soon as possible and a final solution to the mess with the UK custom.

    Thanks for your amazing work.

    Hi Jens, I don't want to say something wrong so apologies in advance. But what if you use again some old or new reseller in the UK and leave to it all frustration for the paperwork, that by the way, are less in B2B?

    That will not be possible to A1200-accelerator memory. There is no available data path or protocol.

    Hi, what do you mean? It is impossible for the aca1230n to use a zorro bus, the DMA or both? In that case, what can we use as accelerator whit this ACA2000 to be able to use an RTG too? I know that the aca1200 have no handle for the zorro bus, but I hoped that the aca200o will cover that part. But this are just fantasies of an ignorant person (ME :-) ).Thanks

    Hi, I am following this for a long time. I will be happy to add this to the already big collection of Icomp products. I hope that the madness of the brexit will end soon because we are alone on this Island... Anyway, I will be happy if you drop even the cpu to make it affordable, work on an A2000 with a 68000, even if at 40 MHz, is not ideal. I wish only for something like the A1200 to speed up a buddha IDE or an IDE onboard the ACA2000 to have a faster IDE solution that with an A12xx, maybe with a discount if bought with the ACA2000 (I am joking), will be an amazing solution.

    Even the memory expansion may be dropped because it means, also, to use the A2000 with a slow 68000 7MHz. Having to use an ACA12xx means at least 128MB of fast memory, honestly, it is enough. What the A2000 need is a fast media interface, a good managing of the z2 bus and the ability to use the DMA for that. An RTG will complete the picture, so with all the said things, it will be an amazing experience. Especially because a product for the A2000 made in a professional way, it is something that all the people like me, that already have trowed some money, really needs.

    Thanks Jens to not give up on us with your great work.

    Hi Jens,

    like I said, I already tried those solutions. Moving the mouse or using the keys or clicking on the arrows near "Left, Top Horizontal, Height" have the same result. It just moves the black border from left to right or using width and height some bars appear on the screen.

    For some reasons using 1280x1024 @60 or 800x600 @100 give me a centred image. The only problem is that with 1280 the screen looks like is in interlace mode. At 800 the characters are not correctly visualized. So I suppose that, if I can modify those 2 resolutions, modifying the parameters like H timing and V timing (freq, polarity, B.porch ..) to the one that my CRT understand the most, something may improve

    Unfortunately, I am unable to modify those parameters from the software.


    Hi, I received from a friend of mine an amazing monitor CRT 17" Mitsubishi diamond scan 70.

    Using a CRT monitor with the Indivision is another world. All look like I was using my old 1084S (more or less). The only problem is that I can't manage to have a centred screen.

    The only time that I have some results, is when I use the 1280x1024 resolution, but for some reasons it looks like an interlaced resolution, the characters look shaded and the screen is vibrating(see pictures 6,10). It is strange because this CRT can, natively, use that resolution (please look at pic 8). On the LCD I never needed to fix the problem that at 800x600 the OSD is cut in half, but now the OSD is almost gone (see pictures 3,7,9) and the games have a huge black border or an unused area on the left side(see pictures 1,2,3,4 ). I have tried almost all the suggestion on this forum, but no success. I can't find a way to modify, once I copied the built in profile, the horizontal and vertical parameter to match the spec table from Mitsubishi(pic 8 )

    Any help will be very appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Hi Jens.

    Unfortunately, is more that a year that I am waiting to have the gururom. The person authorized by Babel to distribute the adapter and the rom is in terrible late. As soon I will receive it, I will post the result here, just in case someone else need some info.

    Best regards

    Hi Jens, thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I have already tried this way. The problem is the gvpscsi.device inside the GVP board's ROM (from 4.x up are all the same, but to use big HD you need it). Even if I create the partitions on the Buddha HD as not bootable (or priority -128), the GVP try to read something multiple time, wasting almost 4 minutes before start to boot.

    If there is no way to change that on the Buddha, I will live with that.

    Thank you for your help.

    Hi, there is any way to disable Buddha 20th anniversary boot?

    I need to boot only from my GVP imact II series 8MB, but as in the past, the GVP boot take ages to start to load the OS if another boot enabled card is present on the bus.

    Unlike the GVP, the Buddha haven't any jumper to disable the boot (in my best knowledge), so I am asking is there is any other, not invasive way, to achieve that.

    Best regards

    Hi Jens, when it will happen? I lost the opportunity of the small batch because I was in the hospital. I believe that the new version will be amazing, Just, please, give us a more or less date to find the new scan doubler. This time I will buy it even from my coffin ^^