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    Both mouse and joysticks appear to be working on v2 hardware but the options for the core don't save in any way when the TC is powered off and on again. and the stx files i've got don't seem to show up in the file browser, only the st files.

    The Mode preset is 720p60, IMode is 666-p 72.18Hz in the "800x600 72hz" output mode on the TCv2.

    so what should I set the output res at for good results with the OSSC?

    Has anyone else here got optimal OSSC settings dialled in for the main c64 core? The main things I'm running into are:

    1. Aspect ratio correction having to be done on the display despite the fact it seems like other systems going into the OSSC can have corrected aspect coming out of the OSSC.

    2. Blurriness/bleeding on some of the colour output.

    3. Dialing in sync timings has been mostly guesswork for me at the moment and I'm kind of looking for a sanity check on if it's just me.

    I know this stuff is part OSSC related at least but if anyone else here has already managed to deal with these things in combination with the TCv2 I figured I'd check. And chances are that I'll look into asking on OSSC focused places as well anyway (though I think they will likely be asking about sync timings and stuff as part of troubleshooting so timing info would still possibly help in the long run).

    Yeah, I'm noticing that when I pipe this through the OSSC, it keeps on blanking/refreshing and I'm presuming that is an effect of the issue you're talking about at the moment (I put my TC through the OSSC for ease of input into my setup as it's easier to move hdmi cables than VGA cables between my displays).

    just pulled my c64 out again and tried the sd2iec with the default reset settings and somehow it is working now. the only remaining issues are how the filebrowser that comes with the sd2iec doesn't want to work with the retro replay rom (dirplus and sdbrowse do thankfully) and the TCv2 filebrowser just sees the sd2iec as a literal drive 8 so it doesn't even try to allow for sd filesystem to sd filesystem copies.

    getting a chance to pull my C64 out again will take a bit of time (children, wouldn't you know) so i'll have to post again when i'm able to do so on the SD2IEC front (though mine was ordered from tfw8b and is running a very recent version of the firmware since i updated it as part of the troubleshooting i did). and resetting the to default did fix the demos and allowed me to narrow it down to my REU/GeoRam settings. And i'm aware of the two panel options but i'm guessing until i can get the SD2IEC to co-operate properly with the TC, i can't do more.

    On 9o firmware but have had these things happen on 9n firmware too:

    1. When hooked into a breadbin C64 (UK PAL), i'm finding that an SD2IEC can't seem to be active in any capacity at the same time as having drive emulation on via cart port with the TCV2 drive ID at 9 (i don't have the cable to hook the TCV2 into the IEC port to test IEC connection of the TC) without major issues in terms of access because SD2IEC reads become intermittent at best and almost impossible at worst. once i turn off internal connection of the emulated drive, it allows the SD2IEC to work correctly but without the emulated drive. same goes if i make the emulated drive 8 and the sd2iec drive 9.

    2. I'm finding that a couple of demos refuse to load correctly at all - desert dream reaches the "loading demo..." screen and just infinite loads. and edge of disgrace just crashes. i've checked the d64's work in VICE just fine so it's not my images and i've also tested with stock C64 and jiffydos kernal and 1541 drive roms and with/without any fastload carts with no change in DD and with varying points of crashing in EOD.

    3. is there any easy way to copy files between SD2IEC and TCV2 on hardware rather than SD card juggling via PC? (i.e. create a blank D64 either on SD2IEC via TCV2 or create a blank D64 on TCV2 and then copy over to SD2IEC). i've tried the file creation basic programs i found on (i think) lemon64 and while they work, i found that they mess around with the file order on the sd2iec and i then have to take the sd card back to pc and fix it there (i know the sd2iec isn't your hardware so i'm not expecting for you to come up with fixes for the file order thing)

    4. Does the MMC64 functionality have any sort of advantage over the built in TCV2 file browser (especially when paired with an SD2IEC)?