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    AFAIK no Amiga can boot from PCMCIA, only from floppy or internal IDE (A500+, A1200, A600, etc.). Many accelerator cards break the PCMCIA slot, the ACA1221ec however does support it after boot.

    Hi Jens, thanks for your answer and your time!

    I was quite confused about which was the right software for the ACA1221ec, so I compared three packages I considered relevant to get proper versions: ACA1221V1_2Beta1.lha, ACA1233nLib.lha and ACA1221ecV101.lha.


    is only found in ACA1221V1_2Beta1.lha

    Works properly with ACA1221ec


    is only found in ACA1233nLib.lha

    Cannot be used with an ACA1221ec (therefore the ACA1233nLib.lha installer should not be used unless you know how to clean up)


    is only found in ACA1221ecV101.lha

    Works properly with ACA1221ec


    ACA1221V1_2Beta1.lha contains 1.0 (29.7.15)

    ACA1233nLib.lha contains 1.1 (15.1.17)

    The latest version (1.1) works properly with ACA1221ec


    ACA1221V1_2Beta1.lha contains 1.0 (28.8.15)

    ACA1233nLib.lha contains 1.12 (21.1.17)

    The latest version (1.12) works properly with ACA1221ec


    ACA1221V1_2Beta1.lha contains version 1.2 (7.5.17)

    ACA1233nLib.lha contains version 1.1 (20.1.17)

    The latest version (1.2) works properly with ACA1221ec


    is only found in ACA1221V1_2Beta1.lha

    Works with ACA1221ec, but contains a few unrelated outputs: Overdrive, Trial, Serial, Version, CPU Clock


    is only found in ACA1233nLib.lha

    Not working. Detects an ACA1233n card

    (My apologies to anyone who cannot stand posts with colors hehe)

    Stability: I'm still analysing. I'll make a new post if I think I find anything related to the accelerator card. The "Contact support" message was obviously a red herring and manually assembling the right tools from different packages helped a lot!


    so your ACA1221ec already has the latest code in the CPLDs

    This confuses me. I got my card end of October but the firmware update was released on Nov 8th?

    I got one additional question: Because I use a physical 3.1.4 ROM, I don't need to use the MapRom feature. The Wiki states that MapRom speeds up the system dramatically by copying the ROM to RAM. What would be the benefit to set the jumper to parked position?


    I'm having stability issues with my Amiga 1200: For several days my machine crashes at random. I'm still in the process to narrowing down the cause.

    Tonight I've focused on the ACA1221ec and noticed the following error message:

    contact Icomp for firmware upgrade (CPU's mask *must* be 0E30G!)

    [Blocked Image:]

    I've tried to upgrade to the latest firmware as instructed in this post: New ACA1221ec flash software, however the error still shows up.

    Here's a SysInfo (4.0) screenshot:

    [Blocked Image:]

    My specs:

    Amiga 1200 REV 1D4 (Escom)

    Amiga OS: 3.1.4 with the matching ROM. (Kickstart 46.143, Workbench 45.194)

    Tools: ACA1221V1 2Beta1.lha

    The Jumper on the aca1221ec is as instructed on the parking position (on one pin only), but I've also tried RomMapping.

    There's also a Gayle Reset Fix, Indivision AGA MK2 and an RTC module installed.

    Board seems to be good, E123C, E125C, E121C and E122C got no capacitors. I made high-res images of both sides of the mainboard, so I can report on more caps.


    I've got my hands on a recapped A1200 and I'm currently planning how to expand it. The RapidRoad looks very interesting but I'm missing a key fact that none of the review articles or videos mentioned: Does a compatible USB Joystick/Mouse work with WHDLoad games? What about booting directly from a game disk? I presume that the Poseidon stack will only work inside Workbench?

    Thank you!