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    Nope, won’t fit without some kind of upwards angle adapter on the ROM slots. Such adapters exist or maybe make ond yourself. But instead I sold my fastata and ordered a 4-way IDE controller + gayle adapter from another store. If it ever arrives and I remember this thread, I will let you know if that fits and works.

    I Got FastATA with 4way IDE & it's slower than just using the DKB Mongoose in the System. With the DKB in situ, the 4-way Fast ATA combo sucks cos it wont work without the Fast ATA Disabled.

    So hoping the Elbox FastATA will do a better job.

    RE FastATA + Indivision Mk3, something like this would be ok, yeah?

    <link removed>

    Just wanna make sure that with Elbox FastATA fitted, I could still use an Indivision.


    According to Amigakit, it does. - Thanks. :thumbup:

    I've searched everywhere for something on this Subject and can't find a sausage....

    Can anyone confirm both these parts are possible together in a Desktop 1200 configuration?

    A while back now, I'm sure I read the MK2 didn't & I can't find reference to this either. :/