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    They go in the root, and should store all settings. (The only reason I supply the two presets is that with the wrong setting you might not be able to see the menu to change it.)

    Hello Alastair, I tried the NES core and I have that issue that I am not able to see the menu sometimes. Not sure if it is a display issue (the screen is set at 50Hz and I aim to use PAL configuration), or a joypad issue (some kind of menu triggering + instantaneous click on Exit). I manage to solve it by plugging a Genesis controller on the docking station, then pressing down manages to open the menu, but the same button makes sometimes down + fire action instead of just down, it is a bit weird. If i use a standard C64 controller the menu does not display (I see only flashes of the menu appear on the screen). Pressing F12 on the keyboard does not help either.

    Anyway, thanks for the great work ! I gave a look at the source code and I am considering more and more supporting your work, thinking about an Amstrad core for the Chameleon :) Also had some fun going through the NES core source code, and in particular the SD card driver and the comments like 'what were they smoking when they designed this' :D

    I looked at it, but its unlikely we can do this - we dont have the scaler features we'd need for this (eg we dont have a logic to generate left/right borders), and even then might run into pixel clock limits. On top, it will result in non standard VGA modes, which then might not even work on the monitor.

    That said, doesnt the monitor have an option to disable this stretching?

    You are right, I downloaded doc of the monitor and found this setting hidden in the dozens of options this monitor actually proposes. Thank you !!

    First of all, did you update to the latest Firmware?

    In any case, please understand the list on that Wiki page is based on feedback from our customers, and the reported success was with Beta 8c, which was release long ago - many things changed since then. Its even possible that different variants of that monitor exist which use different firmware (the native display frequency seems to be 60Hz)

    Yes of course, I tried the latest one. But as you say, it seems 50Hz is not in the vertical range of that monitor.

    However, I tried with a more recent monitor, AOC U3277FWQ, and got it working fine in 800x600@50Hz with VIC sync on ! 8)

    Only drawback, the image is stretched horizontally to fill the whole screen (which is a 4kUHD). Any plans to have options for the aspect ratio in the future, or resolutions which would be adapted to the screen aspect ratio to display in 4:3 ?

    Hello, I have a question about core development. I am interested in porting an existing core (the Amstrad-alt core which is working on the MIST) to the Chameleon V2 hardware, just, I am quite starting on the subject, and I wonder how in practice a port to the Chameleon is made in general. Is it possible to test a core in some kind of chameleon emulator ? Or do you test everything on the real hardware from the start and use Chaco or a JTAG connector to be able to trace something ?

    There are a lot of FPGA tutorials out there on the net, but I don't know where to start, and I would greatly appreciate a few pointers and or guidelines on how to start such kind of project. I already read and understood the VHDL principles and have a lot of experience in ASM and with the hardware of the core I want to work on.

    Also I already installed Quartus and successfully compiled and deployed on my Chameleon the examples from the examples repo. This was straightforward.