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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Jens, sorry you didn't get my words about the DB23.

    The initiatives on Amibay are developments of the straight ones for video cables (with a shell). Obviously their authors are investing themselves into those toolings - China is big there is very limited chances that it is the same persons you are working with (I's say impossible, even, but unlikely is a good word enough :) ).

    We can buy DB23 male for PCB mount (like the Foxxcon you have ins stock), however the design has nothing to compare.

    See for example those 2 versions sold by the same company.

    The "cheapest one" can be purchased directly from China since years (I bought 25 probably 2 years ago, they are cheap (less than $2) and not as well insulated as the Foxxcon for sure but they work - I have repaired my Graffiti car with one of those...).

    Good news that you keep the external floppy port! :)

    Needless to say I'm interested by this project and will support with pre-order as soon as it is available.

    Jens, there is a lot of efforts going at the moment from various people to develop new DB23 ports, although the video ones (angled, for motherboards) can be purchased in a couple of places (they don't have the quality of the FoxConn ones but they work... Most of the effort have been focusing on the straight versions, for video cables... at least on 2 distinct projects I saw on Amibay.

    I'm not sure why it's not possible to gather everyone's efforts and have those moulds engineered by the same company... I'm sure there will be some savings there, even if the business model might not be easy to determine. Anyway, just my thoughts,

    I also read in the A1200 Reload specification page that the external DB23 port for floppy will be abandoned, which I'm not sure is a great move, at least for me, but you still seem to talk about it in this thread ??? So ? Will it be there or removed ? And if removed, what will fill this location in the A500 or A1200 cases ?

    Will this new 1200 accelerator that you are working on be compatible and needed on the 1200 reloaded? or the reloaded will already have all those advantages built in?

    If you read the specifications of the A1200 reloaded you will see that it comes with... no CPU!

    Therefore yes, a CPU card will be required and it is mentioned that all products from iComp will be compatible - and perhaps the Blizzard cards too.

    does anybody knows if you can still get and where to, the new keycaps and case for A500 ?

    You can't.

    After the backers being served, the team will make available cases and keycaps sets through their current distributors.

    But until the first backers are served, it won't happen for new customers.

    It's a fantastic project, Jens - big credit to you to make this move, with Dave in particular.

    I understand the goal is to deliver (sell?) by the second half of 2021 which, from a development perspective, means probably that your production prototype will be available at least 3-4 months before? Did you plan to communicate regularly on the progress?

    Do you intend to deliver a fully finalized solution or something that will see few upgrades with times?

    From a technical point of view, how have you (or will you) resolve the 2 main physical issues I see: the manufacturing of a chip (FGPA?) and its physical installation on existing socket? (simply dropped in? welded?)

    Thanks a lot.