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    I purchased one of your products in October 2020, it is Indivision ECS v2. The soldered socket on the board has 2 broken pins now.

    How can I solve? do i have to send you the card for repair?



    Good and bad news: We're working with a rather low level of staff during these days until the end of the year, so work in the shop is "almost zero". However, the first ACE2b units have passed QC and are only waiting for the sticker to be put on them (not sure if I wrote it here, but the PCB company messed up the writing on the board, so the orientation can't be seen easily - we are now putting durable stickers on).

    With quite a few changes coming up (Brexit, higher VAT rate in Germany), and the "almost zero hours" of workshop time, it won't be possible to put the ACE2b on sale this year, as that would create an accounting problem: The sale being done this year and delivery done next year will require us to charge 19% VAT, but the shop system is still set to 16% VAT until the afternoon of december 30th.

    The plan is to set the shop to maintenance mode on the 30th, after the last shipment of the day has been done (probably around noon). VAT will then be increased to 19%, as we don't do shipments on the 31st. You will then be able to place a pre-order for an ACE2b, for delivery during the first week of 2021.

    OK, thank you very much.

    The most important thing is the quality of the product, and yours are products of excellent quality. Even if the name is not very creative it is less important .. :-)

    I hope to be able to buy it soon ..

    But the difference between the old version and the new version is only that Agnus is in the socket, whereas before it was soldered on the board or is there something else?

    If someone wanted to buy an ACE2, could they do it still? Do you have no residues in stock?

    This has been explained before: THe register contents of the hardware-emulated Denise got lost, and the default values were applied when the config tool was launched. This caused the bug to appear with all ECS modes.

    Even when using PAL ECS modes the black stripe on the left side does not appear. Now I have set PAL SuperHires Laced (ECS )and it works.

    "re-installing" should really only be the last resort in finding such a bug. However, it's good to hear that it's resolved - I'd assume that one of the monitor types was at fault. Would have been nice to pinpoint the cause - did you make a backup before you re-installed the boot partition?

    I also agree that "re-installing" should really only be the last resort in finding such a bug. In fact I performed the new installation on another partition keeping the old installation that still has the problem.

    I noticed an interesting thing, the black strip on the left side that appears when opening the Indivision ECS V2 software is visible only if from Screenmode in the workbench I have set any video mode of the HighGFX package. However, it doesn't happen if I set the Amiga's normal PAL resolutions, including interlaced ones.

    Although the error that causes the software to crash when clicking on test mode, I believe it is due to an operating system problem. The latter problem was solved by reinstalling the workbench.

    If you want to give it a try, here's a release candidate of version 2.4 of the ECSv2 config tool:…divisionECSv2-2.4-rc1.lha

    There are no FPGA changes yet, but chances are that this and some other issues may go away with this update.

    Thank you.

    I'm trying it now. The black stripe on the left side seems not to appear for the moment, while the error that freezes the software when I press the test mode option is still present.

    I too have the back bar on the left side when using the config tool. I put it down to the SuperPlus screen mode as when I quickly test a normal PAL screen it gets rid of the black bar.

    However the problem must be solved as soon as possible. We hope that Indivision will give us a solution as soon as possible.

    Too bad - if exporting the config doesn't work at your side, we'll have to attempt a fix without. We've already discussed possible causes internally, and Timm may have a beta version later this week.

    I hope that the problem is solved.

    Now besides the black stripe on the left, every time I click on the test mode in the indivision software I get this error like in the attached photo.


    black vertical stripe on the left side of the monitor covering part of the desktop when using the Indivision ECSv2 configuration program. The black stripe disappears when the computer restarts, but reappears if I run of Indivision's setup program. How can I solve?