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    Slight smearing to the right of text and elsewhere is perfectly typical. My C64s and Amigas exhibit this phenomenon, directly from their video ports, with 1084s', or using Sony PVM monitors. IMHO this is just analog signal stuff. Quality cabling with individually shielded signals of the shortest length necessary might help a little.

    Analog signals outputting to an LCD: obviously that's its own can of worms. The analog signal simply will not translate as well to an LCD. To my eyes, some of the "ghosting" is just the usual non-native resolution being mapped to to a fixed-pixel panel (the picture "bunches up" in areas causing noticeable bands). Often, this can be adjusted to satisfaction in the monitor settings--as if anyone here didn't already know that, heh!

    Indi MK2 and MK3 are complete anomalies in this regard. I recently resurrected my old Eizo and Iiyama CRTs, these are 31 kHz+ "PC" monitors with Diamondtron tubes. To put it mildly, the result is jaw-dropping: the picture quality is absolutely FLAWLESS! No smudging of anything, anywhere, simply a razor sharp and perfect picture. I have never observed better analog signal quality from any Amiga scandoubler (many are quite bad), and I've seen most of them. The PIV scandoubler is one of the good ones too, comparatively lacking some features of course, but pretty cool for its time.

    Finally, an Indi MK2 or MK3 connected to a Samsung OLED, now that's a new level of unreal! The size can make using them a bit awkward, but in terms of contrast, colors, and motion clarity, it's stunning. :D

    Similar issue here after a flash gone wrong (no picture, Indivision not detected by the tool, crashing if continuing anyway). Using the "flashtool" program as described in the wiki worked here. :thumbup: