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    Connectors also have a resistance, and they may introduce crosstalk. So if you have an adapter and then a cable, it's definitely worse signal quality than using a cable that has the correct connectors on both ends. In your case, it seems like a cable with HDMI on one side and DVI on the other side is the solution you're looking for - such cables exist, and they don't cost much.

    Thanks Jens, will give it a try.

    I tried three different cables and same problem. Then I tried connecting to a different monitor and the problem went away. Interestingly it only happens in games and not workbench. Maybe the problem is that I also have DVI to HDMI adapter between my monitor and the scan doubler. On the second monitor where I tried the scan doubler without any problems it has native HDMI input.

    Thank you Jens. I just did some more testing and tried to look at the number at the lower left corner of the overlay display, the second number after "V:". I noticed for most games both PAL and NTSC it shows 313. So I guess this is the value the Indivision uses to identify screen mode?

    I also noticed few odd games:

    Ghost Busters 2 NTSC was showing value 263.

    Full Contact game was showing value 313 during initial credits, then it switched to 625 during the scene that scrolls the story line and then when it shows the martial artist animation against red sun I can't launch the Live Mode overlay at all, and then when the game finally starts Live Mode can be seen again and the value switches to 312.

    Is there a safe range of values for the number of lines to assign to the game profiles?

    When playing games, sometimes I see few (about 5) green horizontal lines that flicker on the screen. Some games seem to be affected more, while some none at all. This only happens when my VGA mode is set to EDID 1600x1200@60. When I switch to Pre 800x600 72Hz Vesa the lines go away. Interestingly when working in workbench everything is fine when using EDID 1600x1200@60 and screen mode set to SuperPlus 800x600. The monitor is Dell 2001FP with default resolution of 1600x1200 60Hz. Amiga is A1200 with original power supply model PSM-601-2.

    Ok, so what I did was launch some games, use live edit to size the picture and observe the Nr Pixels and Nr Lines and Wait Pixels and Wait Lines. I did this on variety of games. I ended up seeing that I will need 4 different profiles. 640x512, 640x400 and then duplicate of those but allowing empty space around the borders for games that have overscan. I also have one profile for workbench at 800x600 resolution.

    I struggled with the profile creation at first as I couldn't figure out how to save the profiles. E.g. when I was editing Left, Top, Width, Height in the Adjustments window, after clicking Okay the entered values weren't persisted. It turns out that if I mouse click into the input boxes to enter the numeric values the values don't get persisted. They only get persisted if I tab out of the input boxes or if I use the left right onscreen buttons. This seems like a small bug that likely could be fixed.

    In games I'm able to use the X key in live mode to switch the profiles, which works nicely. Now, how can I use the Min, Max lines to automatically select 640x512 or 640x400? What range should I use?

    Also, how can I update/save profile settings directly from live edit adjustments so that I don't have to manually edit the profile after I exit a game.

    I successfully setup profile in workbench, but am struggling figuring out how to create profiles for games. I read the Wiki instructions, but still am lost. For workbench I configured workbench to use SuperPlus screen mode and configured Indivision to output to my monitor's native 1600x1200 mode - that works great. For games though, it seems every game uses different size of the screen, sometimes even within the same game. Can someone give me a step by step guide for "dummies" how to create multiple game profiles. For workbench I know the input resolution is set by the workbench screen mode, how do I determine it in games. If I use live mode in games how do I save the changes to a profile? Thank you.

    I just installed Indivision AGA MK3 in my Amiga 1200. The picture has a green tint with both HDMI and VGA connection to Dell 2001FP. When I connect Amiga RGB to the monitor's VGA input (bypassing Indivision) the picture is normal. During boot the picture looks normal. In workbench when I press CTRL+Shift+Tilda, I see the Indivision overlay in nice white text over blue background, but the Workbench behind it is still green. The only other internally connected device is 4GB CF-IDE. I removed accelerator and floppy drive. The Indivision seems to have a nice snug fit. Please help.


    HDMI/DVI (VGA same result)

    Amiga RBG

    I see that the Indivision AGA MK III comes with VGA and HDMI connector. How can I connect DVI to the HDMI port? Can I just buy any generic HDMI to DVI adapter? Any recommendation for a good/reliable one? Thank you.