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    Jens, screen dragging is not working on my Spectrum 24 card. Dragging is supported by the card since I remember using it long time ago when I was using Cybergraphx. Is there a setting to turn on this feature?


    USB and networking stopped working after installing AmigaOS 3.1.4 and mmulib on my Amiga 4000/040.

    xsurftest now returns the following:

    1. Board address = 0x40000000
    2. nic=40000c00
    3. Searching for RTL8019 at 0x300...not found! (ID0=255, ID1=255)
    4. Testing 16bit memory...Test pattern result points to a cache problem. Please use "-nocache" or "-freezecache" option.

    Running the same command with -nocache worked.

    MuTool returns:

    Memory at address 0x40000000 doesn't show the CacheInhibit flag.

    If I run the following command:

    1. MuSetCacheMode from 0x40000000 size 0x00010000 cacheinhibit io

    Both X-Surf 100 and RapingRoad start working again.

    Any idea why? Why cache is no longer set correctly after a reboot?