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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    I tried the "initial" option but it just outputs: Write error address $0800. Error flashing rom - Possibly write protection on?

    I followed the instructions for this (turning the computer on while holding the right mouse button). But the result is the same.

    I have been using the Buddha IDE device for almost 1 year now with great satisfaction. Last night, after along break, I fired up the A2000 and noticed that drives connected to the Buddha were no longer available from workbench. I reboot and checkout the expansions in early startup. The buddha is not listed as one of the cards. I reseated the card and also tried the card i different slots. I also tried removing all components so that the buddha was the only expansion. But alas, it doesn't appear to work any more. The device is no longer listed under "expansions" in early startup. I have double checked tha J2 and J3 are open (I use only cables, not DOMs).

    Might it be that my poor Buddha has passed away? Would it be worth replacing the resistor (there is an arrow pointing to a resister with the words "Replace if you plugged the card in the wrong way" or something similar).

    Is there any point to attempt to write new firmware to the card?

    Can I have the card service or, in the worst case replaced (I would buy a new one if the warranty is finished).

    Something else I should try?

    Before we continue - is your flicker fixer updated to the latest firmware that is included with the config tool V1.4?

    Oh, I should mention, that I did apply the 1.4 firmware update.

    I feel like the focus has fallen on the wrong points.

    My key point/concern here is: It seems the MK3 broke my Amiga.

    Did the PSU cause/contribute to this problem? If not, then it isn't relevant.

    Did firmware version V1.3 cause the problem? If not, then firmware isn't relevant (or at least there isn't any reasoning in this thread to say so).

    I wrote my question in a way that was open for you to say "No, the MK3 cannot cause colours to be incorrect because <insert reasoning here>".

    From my perspective, as a simple user, my Amiga produced correct colours on the RGB port. I install the MK3, I notice lots of heat that wasn't there before. Despite being reassured that this isn't a problem, 1 week later the colours changed (the problem occurred). This changed happened before my eyes. Removing the Mk3 doesn't fix the problem (hence the A1200 is broken not the MK3).

    I leave open the possibility that the A1200 is old and that it might have broken in this way anyway. The fact that the MK3 was newly installed when it broke can simply be a coincidence. I am asking you to convince me. I want to be convinced that the excess heat, which is now concentrated on the motherboard where the Mk3 is installed, isn't related to the malfunction I now experience. Judging by the number of people installing fans, I am not alone with this concern.

    Please understand that my post comes from concern and is not from criticism. I hope you understand.

    Many thanks!

    I previously wrote about being concerned that there was too much heat on the Mk3 and that on occasion, the screen would blackout for a second. And that this problem happened increasingly with use until I would leave the Amiga 1200 off for some time (to cool down). Today I was using my A1200 again and suddenly, while using it, the screen switch to take a blue tinge. I power cycled the A1200 but the blue tinge remained. I removed the Mk3 and reconnected an old external RGB to HDMI adapter I was using. The colours look yellowish.

    I have been reassured on this forum that the heat is not an issue but my fear now is that it really is. The colours are for sure not correct anymore. I am attaching 3 images which show the normal colours I had before, the colours I have with the Mk3 and additionally what it looks like now through the RGB->HDMI converter. The picture where the colours are normal was taking with a HDMI capture device on the 26 Jul. The other two are take today with the same capture device.

    If it is true that the excessive heat on the MK3 isn't an issue, what might the issue be? My Amiga 1200 is recapped. Could one of the new capacitors have prematurely died or some other component? I know the A1200 isn't young anymore, so I can believe that another component has simply succumbed to old age. But I would appreciate if some advice could be given as to what the problem might be. Right now I have the feeling that the MK3's excessive heat has broken something on the A1200.

    The latest firmware for sure helps. But for me this hasn't solved it entirely. After some time, say 15-20 minutes, I start to have problems with the screen going black for a second. The longer it runs, the more frequently it happens. I have removed the top of the case, but I still have problems. Even on cooler days. When I touch the MK3, it is really hot. It is barely possible to keep your finger on the board itself. This heat radiates out through the amiga's motherboard. This isn't really good for the Amiga.

    My feeling is that I should put a heat-sink of some kind on the MK3 to let it dissipate the heat. Better through a heat sink than through the Amiga's motherboard.

    Hi All,

    I am a happy new owner of the Mk3. So far it works mostly ok. But the Mk3 board is incredibly hot. With the original firmware the display stability declined with heat to the point where it didn't work anymore. The firmware in the archive for the Indivision utility version 1.4 has solved that mostly. But the board is supper hot. You can't hold your finger on it. Maybe this is ok? Should I be concerned?