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    Sounds like a PSU-heat related voltage drift. The 4.5A PSU is a good one in terms of regulation, but will require a re-cap after all these years. Please have that checked.

    I tried with another PSU and same problem. Anyway, I'll recap both because they are old A500 PSUs.

    I tested putting my A1200 with the new SuperPlus resolution and for now, I have zero problems. The issue appears only using HighGFX.

    What's the power supply you are using with this setup?

    I use an original A500 PSU (5V-4.5A, 12V-1.0A, -12V0.1A).

    If I activate the CCKLine pull-up they disappear completely but once the Amiga has been running for an hour or so the glitching starts again, and then I have to deactivate the CCKLine pull-up to stop them

    I have the same problem as you.


    I have a problem when I power up my A1200 with the Indivision AGA Mk3. For some seconds (In some cases 2-5 minutes) the screen presents some horizontal glitches like you can see in the photo. This happens to me with different televisions and different HDMI cables. I tried some options like CCKLine Pull-Up or CCKLine Capacitance but the problem appears again when I power off the Amiga for some hours and power up again. The problem is strange because after the first few minutes, the Mk3 works like a charm without any problem.

    I don't know, but I think this problem appeared when I updated to 1.5 or 1.4 because when I received the product, I don't remember having this problem. Yesterday I installed the latest firmware 1.6 and the issue continue though it seems to disappear faster.

    Another question. Is there somehow to know the firmware version installed in my Mk3?