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    Hi. I am very happy that you have sorted out my issue. There is no need to sound worried. I know you didn’t supply the chips. And they are my responsibility. I am confused as to how I managed to get the chips round the wrong way when I definitely followed the sheet! But I must have misunderstood. Anyway, I am looking forward to getting back and am very happy. Please send me link to pay for shipping. Thanks for a great product and great after sales service!

    Please contact me for the shipping cost as soon as is convenient. I’m really confused about the chip insertion. I don’t think I was doing anything wrong so I’ll be fascinated to see what you did. Are you saying some chips were in the wrong way?

    Which chips do you think may be damaged? All or just some?

    Both those CIA chips I bought from a guy in Germany. So that is weird. I do have others. I look forward to receiving the shipping payment link

    Kind thanks


    I’ve shipped it all to you. PSU & Chips and a Euro plug adaptor! It will arrive with you on Thursday. Sorry it has taken me so long to report the issue. I bought the board from you in January but I’ve had no time to try it until the past two weeks. It sat untouched in the box.

    Okay some progress given your helpful comments!

    Serial: I had already bought the terminal program "Serial" but it wasn't showing in it

    PSU: Is a Ktec. And I bought it based on the spec you give at

    See attachment

    USB Cable: You were right! Must have been a power only cable, as I've switched to one I had from an external hard drive and then it appeared in Serial although with a warning I should delete a "Prolific" driver which I did. I can now access the menu. Progress

    So the menu is saying:

    Error: VIC-II is not recognized, check U19.

    Even if I change the VIC (I have an 8565R2 & a 6569R3) it doesn't change that message

    If I press "I" it says

    VIC-II: Unknown (D9 D9 0000 PAL)

    SID 1 : 8580 (FF 00)

    SID 2 : Unknown (17 00)

    CPU : Unknown (08CA)

    Now weirdly it's thinks that my 6581 SID is an 8580. I also have an 8580R5 which if I put beside the 6581 in SID #2 it then reads:

    VIC-II: Unknown (D9 D9 0000 PAL)

    SID 1 : 8580 (FF 00)

    SID 2 : 8580 (FF 00)

    CPU : Unknown (08CA)

    I have 3 CPU's 2 6510's and 1 8500. They are not detected.

    I have tried changing the CIA's (I have 4) in various combinations.

    To no avail

    What do I do now?

    Kind thanks

    Hi there. I have wiggled them. I also have bought another working donor C64 and have now tried 2 different SID's, 4 different CIA's, 3 different CPU's, 2 different VIC's etc. And the red light flashes, it still doesn't show up in 'Serial'.

    I really need help. What is the process of firstly knowing that the board itself is not defective? It is greatly suspicious that it does not show up in 'Serial'. When it should.

    The fact that no combination of chips brings it to life is also not good.

    What can I do to debug the problem. It is clearly more than just a bad contact?


    I bought a reloaded mk2 (Order 33444) and it has sat in the box untouched since then. I decided the other day to start it up. I have used an old c64 for chips and some NOS ones. But when I switched it on it blinked red (and the d46 light blinks). So I went to debug via the usb serial port but it isn’t listed in the Mac app serial. I’m not sure what is wrong or what to do next?