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    Further to the above, I think my confusion is that I have an executable called ‘Buddhaflashtool’ which is on the DOM which allows reading and writing to the flash, and you are referring to a command called ‘flash tool’. Where can I find it? Do I need to download it from somewhere?

    Thanks for your help..

    Please read the additional instructions of the flash tool: You can set the timeout value for waiting for an IDE device to up to 30 seconds - that should fix it.

    Hi Jens, where can I find the additional instructions? I can find the flash tool, but no instructions apart from the command line options to read and write to the flash memory.



    Guess what? didn’t work so I’m just going to use a regular DVD drive which I tested and works straight away.

    I am still getting strange behaviour with the Buddha unit though. With the DOM off it boots from the CF card most times but from a cold boot it sometimes goes to the Kickstart ROM screen (as if the Buddha hasn’t initialised in time). Doing a warm reboot then boots it into Workbench.

    The motherboard has been recapped but the PSU has not.

    With the DOM connected it never boots to the Buddha install screen (even with the CF disconnected), instead I get a blank blue AmigaDOS window. When I first installed the Buddha card it worked fine.

    Any ideas?


    Hi Jens, ok thanks for letting me know. In that case I won’t hold my breath but I will let you know either way.

    If I doesn’t work then I will just have to connect a long IDE ribbon cable and molex power and take it through an empty blanking plate slot in the back of the machine and plonk an internal DVD drive on top of the A3000.

    In the longer term I will look into a USB solution like the individual rapid road.


    Ok, it looks like I’ve got it resolved. The jumper on the IDE CF adapter was set to ‘slave’ (I had pilfered it from an old PC to use in the Amiga).

    Once I had set it to Master I could see the CF card and it’s contents in Workbench. When using HDToolBox change scsi.device to buddhascsi.device (click icon, choose ‘information..’ from the drop down menu) and you can view the IDE hard disks.

    Now I can connect a CD-ROM drive. My plan is to use a IDE to SATA converter card connected to a ESATA port on the rear of the A3000 and connect a ESATA external DVD drive.

    “It’s a crazy idea but it might just work..” and a lot cheaper than a SCSI ext CD-ROM drive on EBay ;o)

    Hi, I have an Amiga 3000 with Buddha controller installed - no other cards installed apart from a SCSI to SD adapter.

    I can use the Buddha DOM module to format and install WB on a CF card fine with no issues, and once installed, Workbench boots fine.

    My problem is that I wish to remove the Buddha DOM module so that I can use the secondary IDE port for other devices (CD-ROM, HDD etc). As soon as I remove the DOM module (and remove the jumper) I find that I cannot boot into the CF card and all I get is the Amiga Kickstart ROM screen. If I boot into Workbench using a floppy disk, I cannot see either of the partitions on the CF card.

    Am I doing anything wrong?

    Many thanks,